Sudden Strike Anthology need help

Hallo guys

i got the Sudden Strike Anthology Italian (Sudden Strike+Sudden Strike Forever+Sudden Strike II) and i tried to make a back-up copy of Sudden Strike and its add-on Sudden Strike Forever no success.
Using A-Ray 2 scanner and Protection ID v5 …seems to be both unprotected…but i don’believe …
Can someone help me …to know what kind of protection they have and the way to get a back up copy?

:confused: Sudden Strike …should be SafeDisc 2 …but if so why the id-tools did not discover it?
:frowning: Sudden Strike Forever…i heard should be Copy Lock…but i don’t absolutely know how to get trough it…

:iagree: Sudden Strike II…was Safedisc 2.7.30 and i had no problem with new Alcohol…

Thank you very much for your kind help and for eventual suggestion of a good protection discoverer tool!!

Ciao ciao

You can take a look at cdfreaks copy protection list, and these will show you the used protections in their databse.

Thank you for the link…i 'm going…

Sudden strike haven’t got anyone. First add-on have safedisc v2.51.021 and sudden 2, safedisc v2.70.030. (Spanish versions, but this game is in english, so should be international)
U can also check our list in CdSTeam where u will find protections for most spanish games. SF titles are not included here.

good luck!

Thank you Morglum…i burnt it…it seems to be SafeDisc 2.5.xx…gracias ;-))

De nada ;-))