Sudden spike in PI at ~2.3G, Why?



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I just got rid of a cheapo EMPREX burner in favor of an NEC 3520A hoping my burn quality, speed and reliability would improve. It has for the most part as a spool of cheapo no name DVDs that would only ID as 1x on the old burner (despite the 8x label) now are binning to 12x!

Anyway, when I run the Nero CD-DVD Speed tool thingy I get the below graphs on two seperate burns. Interesting thing is that the PI Errors suddenly jump at the same point on both disks. Is this normal? Does it suggest a defective drive? Also the quality is still very good yes? Should I be concerned?



I’m no expert here but it would look like these disks perhaps can’t take 12x , assuming that these are the ones you’re referring to. When you’re burning is it at about the 2.3gb point that the speed ups to 12x from 8x?
The PI failures are pretty good & are similar to what I get from my LG & Benq burners but obviously the PI errors are higher than you would like although they are still within spec.
Try burning these at 8x & scan to see if that makes the difference in the PI errors.


TimC has it right. The media is showing you it can’t take the shift in burn speed. Also you should scan at 5X not 8X.


Not to mention that you said these were “cheapo, no name DVDs”… If it’s not nice and Sony branded, it’s probably a fake media code, and subpar quality media. I scanned a Sony-branded SONY D11 that my friend burnt on his NEC 3520 at 12x and the result was beautiful, but even if these are authentic, it could still be a bad batch. Definately give em a shot at 8x.


Thanks guys,

These were indeed no name Great Quality DVDs from Fry’s Electronics. They were rated at 8x according to Fry’s so they are probably Sony rejects sold as generic.

I will try to rescan at 5x. Then I will burn another at 8x to see how they scan.

Thanks for the replies!

Oh BTW would you suggest that I copy the data off these DVDs and reburn them? Do these values, although in spec, indicate a potential reliablility problem?


I would keep them. Even though the jump is ugly, the overall levels are just fine. I have a ton of Pioneer burned Prodisc that you to be considered Grade A and they all had constant levels of 80 PIE. Run a transfer test on your NEC and see what is does. It is blindingly fast and a bad reader so if they look OK most other drives should do just fine.


It is blindingly fast and a bad reader

By this you mean it writes really fast but is not a very good reader or it reads really fast but is also a bad reader?

I ask because I just bought an Archos AV400 and I have a lot of ripping to do. I might be better off installing a second drive and make it a DVDROM drive?



Since your result produced the same graphs with identical jumps then it would tell you that your burner is not such good as perfect in writing 8x (but PI within specification and acceptable) but better on 6x. Sudden jump tells you the transistion between 6x and 8x region on which the latter used different writing strategy and power. So the conclusion is on SONY D11 you will expect such graph or jumps on 8x zone and i assure you it will definitely even better for other types of dvd+r, let say for mcc or verbatim or even on ty. Try to burn on 8x speed on ther brand of disc with different media id then you will notice drastic change on the 6x and 8x transistion.


Yo WebBabe-

I would suggest a combo of an AOpen 1648/aap Pro here:

This would give you the fastest DVD-ROM reader/ripper currently out - give your burner a read/rip break and eliminate the “disc dance” you have to go through with only a burner-

Set the AOpen 1648/aap Pro as “master” and the 3520 as “slave” IMO-

Happy Burnin’