Sudden Reboots when using NERO/Info Tool

I occasionally experience a reboot (like I hit the reset button) and it seems to happen when using NERO or its Info Tool. After restarting sometimes I get the WinXP dialog ‘recovered from serious error’ and it basically says nothing more than it’s a device driver error ‘Duh’.

Anyway I have a P4P8000 Dlx w/ Intel SATA RAID0 (2 x Seagate 120 SATA) as my boot drive. A second VIA RAID0 (2 x MAXTOR ATA 133 200Gb) for storage. This leaves me with my primary IDE and secondary IDE controllers to handle a DVD-ROM, a CD-RW and a DVD-RW.

I used to have it
PRI 0 [0,0] DVD-ROM LiteOn LTD166
PRI 1 [0,1]
SEC 0 [1,0] CD-RW LiteOn 52X40X52
SEC 1 [1,1] DVD-RW Sony DW-U10A flashed to a DRU-500A
Thinking I wouldn’t use both the CD-RW & DVD-RW at the same time (therefore same controller)

But now I tried
PRI 0 [0,0] DVD-RW
PRI 1 [0,1]
SEC 0 [1,0] CD-RW
SEC 1 [1,1] DVD-RW

and it still bombs, it never seemed to bomb before I added the DVD-RW.

Any suggestions?

MB - ASUS P4P800 Deluxe
CPU - Intel Pentium 4 2.8c
RAM - Corsair TWINX1024-3200LL
Video - RADEON 9800 Pro 128
Storage - Intel SATA RAID0 - 2x Seagate Barracuda SATA V 120
CD-RW - Liteon 52246S
DVD-RW - Sony DW-U10A/DRU-500A
OS - WinXP Pro

It wouldn’t be your power supply overloading and causing a glitch in something would it? You setup is pretty power hungry, maybe the DVD-RW was the last straw.

Is there a way to monitor your Power Supply? I have a 380w PS.

There’s a free app called Motherboard Monitor 5, Google will find it. You can set it up to monitor all the voltages reported from the mobo, and dump into a log file too. If you do this and then keep an eye on the readings (or check the log after a crash) you might find something’s amiss. You’d be looking for a sudden dip in one of the voltages, particularly as you put high load on the PC. Set MM5 to poll often while your troubleshooting. Of course if all seems well then you’ve eliminated this as a cause. Also check the temperatures while you’re at it. MM5 is a pretty handy thing to have running anyway.

A 380W PSU is plenty-sufficient, as long as it’s a good one.

Yesterday I bought a DVD-burner NEC ND-1300A. I also have my internal IDE-controller full of two hard drivers, a Plextor CD-burner and a Pioneer DVD-ROM. But I have a Promise Ultra133 TX2 PCI-card with another two hard disks attached to it.
Now I had the DVD-burner in my hand and attached it to the Promise controller.
When booting, the Promise BIOS recognized the DVD burner correctly and showed DMA-33 as transfer mode.
In Windows XP everything looked right, although the burner was shown as an SCSI device, but that’s normal when attaching devices to the Promise…

Now guess what I did! I first started the Nero Info Tool and BOOM, my system resetted immediately. This is the case everytime I start the Info Tool.

As next step I just disabled the DVD-burner in the device manager. After that I could start the Info Tool without any problem. However, the DVD burner was not there anymore of course…

Then I went to control panel / system and disabled the auto-reset in case of system malfunction. I wanted to get a bluescreen with the “STOP”-data. I started the Info Tool again, and BOOM. there was my bluescreen instead of a reset. It showed the STOP would be caused by ultra.sys. ultra.sys is the driver of the additional promise controller.

I downloaded different versions of the ultra.sys and installed them. But it didn’t help.

It seems the Nero Info Tool requests something special from the ultra.sys which it cannot handle. This is only the case if my DVD-burner is attached and activated in device manager. I certainly don’t know, what’s being requested. But it seems, this is always the case, if you attach a DVD-burner to an additional EIDE-controller.

I went to google and searched for the error and got your thread here immediately :wink: So it most likely doesn’t have anything to do with your 5V/12V power. I have MoBo monitor 5 installed and power is steady.

I have the same setup as kirkman and get the same results running Nero Info tool. Yesterday I installed a Promise TX2 IDE Controller and attached a Pioneer DVD burner to it. Everything works great but running Nero Info Tool causes the system to reset every time.

If anyone has solved this issue I’d love to know.


I installed a Promise TX2 IDE Controller and attached a Pioneer DVD burner to it

Not a great idea. Promise cards are intended for hard drives only. Any optical drive will be locked in PIO mode.