Sudden read errors and now firmware upgrade errors


my BTC 1004IM is now about 1 year old. When I bought it, it had the FW version 0040 which I upgraded to 0043. The rewriter did a good job in the past year, it hardly had write or read errors. I was very confident of my first DVD rewriter.

But today when I tried to make an image from DVD (movie) to HD using the BTC, it suddenly crashed and could not display the DVD contents anymore. I tried another DVD which then showed the DVD label name, but I could not access the file structure. And when I played it in PowerDVD it said: “A disc with an unsupported format in drive F:”

How come? Those DVDs have always worked from the beginning when I bought the rewriter, suddenly they don’t. I guest there is maybe some prblem with the laser? Are there two lasers one for reading one for writing? Coz the strange thing is, writing on empty DVDs is still working as usual.

I thought a firmware upgrade might solve the problem, so I tried and experienced exactly what some guys posted here too in another post: when I flashed the 0151 version directly, it gave me some error 5/20/0 so I tried to use the 0050 flasher first, but this didn’t show my drive in the list, from where to choose from (see links to images). And the installer starts very slow, like 15 secs until I see the main window, with the UPGRADE and CLOSE buttons.

0043 -> 0050

0043 -> 0151

Nero InfoTool

I am clueless now what I should do next. Not sure if I’d give MTKFlash a try but maybe I lose my warranty of the drive then? Ive read Marco gives out the dos versions of the firmware binaries too. Are they for MTKFlash?

I hope anyone could help me solve this problem :frowning:

My system is Windows XP SP2 using Nero 5.5


Hy and Welcome at cdfreaks,

you have already lost your warranty with the first update, but btc is not one of those companies that handle handle this very strict. I would suggest you to try mtkflash under dos.

had you this problems before updating to sp2 too?
I´m also not sure that nero 5.5 works without problems when sp2 is installed, so i would try the latest nero 6 version.

Hi thx for the welcome :slight_smile: I was reading this board already for some time before i made my first post^^

BTC has a good and friendly supporter in this forum but I’m not sure if he (Marco) is still active here, since his last post is already a few months or so ago.

Now that I lost my warranty I can’t bring it back to the shop and have them send my rewriter in for check/repair?

The 1004IM has been working fine with SP2, also with Nero 5.5 for about a month. I used Win2k before that and always with nero 5.5. It wasnt the first time that I extracted an image from DVD to my harddisk on this new XP system and that makes me wonder why this happened :frowning:

Where can I find the latest DOS firmware and the MTK tool to flash the drive? I’ve read something important about a /M switch that need to be used with the mtkflash tool, otherwise the drive won’t work at all. And then it would be hard to revive it, is that right? So there is some more or less risk with that tool too :expressionless:

I contacted him a few weeks ago, he answerd that he has very much work at the moment and absolutely no time to visit the forum at the moment.

I would suggest to send the drive directly to BTC if needed, they ceck and repair or change it. If your drive would be completly dead and you have already warranty, your dealer would surely not be able to figure out what you did.

You can contact marco_btc per mail (i´m sure he´ll send it to you) or check out the dangerous broters frimwarepage (see the link in my sig). when you contact btc and they send you the fw file is mtkflash included. If you will use the dangerhous bros. fw visit dhc014’s firmwarepage there you can find the firmware and also a nice tool to “calculate” the command.

Take care that you flash in real DOS and i would you suggest to use the mtkflash 1.80 not 1.80.1, it seems that 1.80.1 is not working correctly with btc drives.

Hi H3rB3i,

thx for the great help! I wrote Marco and he sent me the DOS files and the MTKFlash tool. Then I successfully updated the firmware to the latest version and luckily it now reads my CDs and DVDs properly again! Phewww…

Thx again!