I own a Sony DRX-820UL-T. It is outstanding at this point.

However, I have a question. For no apparent reason it will (out of the blue) being spinning - and it sounds like it is at a high speed – ie. the sound of a fan kicking on. It will continue to do this for an extended period unless I access the disc or do something pertaining to the drive.

Is this a normal thing? What is it doing?

Thank you!!

Maybe it [I]is[/I] a fan you hear…

That would be fine, but I do not even know if the drive uses a fan (there is certainly NO traditional fan exhaust opening. Also, it sounds just like when I run a test on the drive speed and it speeds up. It seems to do it with some consistency when I log into my WinXP profile. The thing that gets me is how long it will do it unless I access the disc inside (currently a DVD-RAM). I have read one other comment/question similar to my own in another thread but it was never addressed or answered and involved Sony’s internal equiv. of my drive.


This drive is a Benq drive. It should have 2 exhaust vents (one on each side) if you open the external case. So in other words, it should have a fan.

It’s probably being accessed by Windows (even without your specific request) because it has a RAM-disc inside.

I agree…Windows tends to access EVERY device once in a while, and I have found that it make both my DRU-810A and SOHW-1693S spin up, reads any memory stick I may have inserted in the memory card reader (sometimes at random points while I am working–similar to what might occur with the DRU-820A with DVD-RAM inserted), and (of course) access the hard drive drive a bit. For me, it occurs with the initial POST process, the blank screen that comes up right after the Windows boot screen disappears (before the login screen appears–it hangs there to read discs/memory cards), and during login at every boot without fail. Sometimes my memory card reader requires intervention to stop accessing the card, and there have been some occassions where the same has occured with my DVDRW drives. Hope this helps.

I agree - I have the same drive (I/O Magic rebadged BenQ DW1670@Sony 820U) and an external HD that powers down when not in use. Anytime I have DVD-RAM in the drive and access any function or program that may require dir/file info, both drives will spin up. Just providing current directory/file info to WinXP and “coming on line” ready for use. My other DVD burners will also do the same on boot/restart if I have left any type of disc in them. Again they are just providing the current info to the WinXP system

It sounds like I’m not alone here. I emailed Sony and will be interested in their take… I have had a DVD-RAM in the drive when it has done this. I also have since observed that it does it whenever I log into my profile and will continue for as long as I let it (meaning until I access the disc or open the tray etc.). I let it do this for about 30-40 minutes the other day (which I hope/assume/expect was not damaging to my drive even though the disk was warm). I was hoping it would calm down if I just let it go, but it simply does not give any indication that it is going to stop.

I would prefer to just leave my DVD-RAM in this particular drive and since it is an external drive I suppose I can just flip the power switch on [I]after[/I] I log into my profile and turn it off when I’m done…

Any extra experiences that anyone has is appreciated.

[B]chiguai[/B]—how are you liking the drive? I gotta say that overall I am [I]very[/I] pleased with it, at this point, it’s just this one thing—I certainly don’t want the darned thing burnt up from it running at high speed for the full course of my time at the computer :-). However, from this thread it appears that it is more a Windows issue than something about this particular drive.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’m liking it fairly well - tho not loving it yet. I must admit I am loving the DVD-Ram capability. This wasn’t on the radar for me till I had it and found what I could do with it.

Straight out of the box for both DVD writers, I think it burns as well as the BenQ 1650, and better than my Liteon 1633 at higher speeds (12x/16x) on SL. Doesn’t seem to be picky about media, giving very good to good burns on Ritek R04/Staples CMC M01 - it is burning the Ritek at 16x better than the Litey did at either 12x or 16x. Not a single coaster or a questionable burn yet (given how variable Ritek is and the fact I have done ~50+ burns backing up data so far). What gives the 1650 the edge is Qsuite & Smartburn and the capability to do scans.

I don’t miss the ability to burn at 12x on it (which I can force) as I am finding out it does as well if not better at 16x. And it is a quiet drive.

I haven’t tried DL yet - haven’t had a need and probably won’t till prices drop a bit more or I start backing up movies.

It does a good job ripping CDs - it is sensitive to jitter (which seems to be a characteristic of BenQs) and I do have to rerip tracks, but it does a very good job indeed with scratched, heavily used CDs, reading some even the 1650/Litey didn’t like.

For what I paid for the drive, it was well worth it. For the everyday user, it is one good drive, tho for a CDFreak I doubt if it would ever become a primary drive :wink: