Sudden problems with Lite-On DVD burners

I have seen a number of articles that were very similar to my problem but not exactly.
It started with a defective NERO BURNING DISK that came with my new Lite-On burners SOHW-1693S and SHW160P6S. At first, both drives were working fine and I could save my comic book pages directly to the CDs. Then, corruption cropped in and prevented the drives from working and i lost a lot of files and archives. Files burned before the malfunction are fine. ALmost every file burned during that time is not accessable or not even seen on the CDs.
I replaced the Nero with Roxio and everything was working fine. It showed me sho many missing files. I restored most of the missing files before this new problem started.
Now, the SOHW1693S refused to allow me access to the disks… stated I need permission. It appears, the computer sees this drive only as a READ ONLY CD PLAYER and Roxio doesn’t even know its there. The other drive was working, but it is now starting to do the same.
I have updated its firmware, I can’t find the proper drivers (which I suspect is the problem) although the computer says the best drivers are loaded. I have unplugged the drives to see if the computer would detect them and reload the drivers. I have removed it from the hardware profile and tried again. Nothing I do fixes the problem.
Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to fix this? I am using WIN98SE (don’t say get WINXP, I can’t afford to and Nero caused the initial problem in the first place.) Greatly appreciated.