Sudden problems recording Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R media

First of all, hello eveybody. This is my first day in this community :cool:

I am owner of a Pioneer DVR-108, seven month old, and I’ve been using it, with the firmware 1.14, to burn succesfully original Taiyo Yuden Silver Thermal Laquer DVD-R 8x media with excellents results.

When I had no more TY8x DVD-R media, I bought some DVD+R and DVD-R media (also with Taiyo Yuden dye: FujiFilm made in Japan [+R], and original TY Inkjet Fullface Printable ones [both +R and -R]).

In the meantime I received those new ones, I made some enhacements in the computer:

  1. Updated Nero Burning ROM from to
  2. Updated Pioneer 108 firmware from 1.14 to 1.19 (officials)
  3. Upgraded the memory system (from 192MB SDRAM PC100 non-ECC non-registered to 768MB PC100 ECC Registered) :bigsmile:
  4. Updated DVDInfoPro from 3.55 to 3.63 and its database.

Today, I’ve burnt 3 FujiFilm DVD+R8x (MID: YUDEN000T02) and one original Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x (MID: YUDEN000T02).

Then I’ve checked them with DVDInfoPro and the results have been horribles, the worst I’ve ever seen (exceptuating a yellow Bullpaq):

PI average: 234 / 170 / 568 :eek:
PO average: 391 / 34 / 442 :frowning:

I cannot belive those results :sad: . Let’s say they have no CRC errors, and seems to play nice in the DVD home-TV player, but the peaks are too very high (even more than 1000 both in PI and PO!!). I am not confident on these disk to have a long reading life.

Could you give me a help and tell me where should I check first to fix this, please? :confused:

P.D. Previous test with the original TY DVD-R media gave an average of 10 to 20 PI and 0 to 5 PO.
I do not post the pictures of the test quality as I think they are not reliable, and because with so bad results, you can imagine how really bad they are.

System: PIII-500MHz, 768MB PC100 SDRAMM ECC Registered, Windows XP SP2.

Ops, I forgot one question.

I’ve cheched previous recorded DVD, and they give a higher PI/PO average errors than when I recorded them, but never surpassing the 8 PO average, far away from the results of the new DVD+R burnts.

I thought to check first the firmware update, that is, to reprogram the Pioneer 108 from 1.19 to the previous 1.14 official version (or the 1.18). But I cannot, as the official program does not let me to reprogram to older versions.

Is there any way to reprogram with an oldest firmware?

If you are using the Pioneer to do the PIE/PIF checking, then the results you will get are whacky and should not be trusted at all IMO. You’ll need to scan on a NEC/LiteON/Plexy/BenQ to get more useful results.

You are right Busky2k, but if the test result is for comparing with another testers (that is, to compare against a KProbe done with Lite-On Drive), but I think the tests are comparables if done in the same equipment.

So that’s why I am wondering how is possible a radical change like that: from 0-2 PO avg to 200-1200 PO avg.

In fact I’ve changed the hardware: increase of the RAM (I think in any case, that should help to have better results in recording), and changed the firmware.

I wonder too if anyone has noticed a change in the DVDInfoPro results when changing from 1.14 to 1.19

Anyway, tomorrow will go to another computer and test the recorded DVD on a LG (using again DVDInfoPro).

Re-reading your reply…

When you say “… then the results you will get are whacky and should not be trusted at all IMO (…)”, what do you mean? That Pioneer can (and do) give different results in the DVDInfoPro depending on the day (the memory, the hard drive activity, the CPU load, or anything else)?

Until now, (the upgrade to 1.19), I found the results quite reproducibles. (When testing the same DVD in different days, at different speeds).

Well its just that from my testing with the Pioneer 109 in DVDInfoPro, sometimes it will just give all these wacky (and very big) POE/PIE spikes along the graph. Scanning on my lite-on doesnt do this. Sometimes It will give huge plateaus of errors, that are unexplainable on a perfectly good disc (well into the hundreds)! Although I do remember that POEs are expressed differently on the Pioneer compared to other drives… But you are right, comparing various discs in the same drive is still a good idea.

I know what you mean. Doing scans with my Pioneer leave me worried about the integrity of my discs as the results are very dissapointing to say the least.


Yes, really true. I am making some tests trying to guess why the DVDinfoPro results have changed so dramatically in the last 2 weeks, and have observed at this moment the following:

  1. DVDInfoPro using Pioneer is not very reproducible (hum, I am spanish speaker, don’t know the good english translation, sorry, I mean for reproducible when making the same test several times, you get the same or very similar results). Checking the same DVD in the same equiment could give a variation of 20-30% in the avg results, e.g., but I must say the graph form is similar. :confused:

  2. DVDInfoPro in the same DVD shows very different results using my Pioneer 108 (firmware 1.14) and the server office located AOpen DUV1608, as you can observe here:


Total PI…12860…32737
PI Peak…17…56
PI Avg…2…7

Total PO…0…690
PO Peak…0…55
PO Avg…0…1

(Yes!! a 0 PO errors, it was a FujiFilm DVD+R 8x, Taiyo Yuden dye, made in Japan, recorded at 4x on a LG GSA4160). :smiley:

I will continue investigating, but I am afraid my Pioneer could have a serious problem… :frowning: or that the DVDInfoPro program does not give the same result in repeated test.

Did you had any similar experience?

Hello llauro,
I’m french so sorry for my english :bigsmile:
Here is the methode to come back to an old version, the 1.18 for exemple:

1.Download DVRFlashv2.0
2.Download the 1.18 firmware.
3.Put DVRFlash.exe and R8100108.118 directly onto the root of your C: drive.
4.Go to Start->Run and type in “cmd”
5.Type “cd c:” at the command line to change your working directory to the root of the C drive.
6.Type “DVRflash X: R8100108.118” changing X to the drive letter assigned to your DVR-108 and hit enter.
7.Follow the on-screen instructions

I’ve noticed problems with 1.19 firmware:

Scan of a Ricoh burned 8x@12x with firmware 1.19

The same DVD with firmware 1.18

For Dvdinfo i’ve also noticed that the new version isn’t really reliable with the Pioneer to compare with the oldest version.

Thank you Djadja, I’ve already returned the firmware to 1.14 and probably would change it to 1.18, as it seems the 1.18 is a good version too.

About my past post, when I made the comparation between PIONEER and AOPEN testing results on the same media, I am afraid that there was a mistake. Today I’ve been testing different medias on that AOPEN burner and I noticed DVDInfoPro always shows a result of 0 PO, 0 PO Peaks and 0 PO avg. so probably the problem is that DVDInfoPro is not compatible with that AOPEN burner, at least cannot test the PO errors.

So I edit my post deleting those “zeros”.

Sorry … will try to find a way to test my medias and check if my Pioneer 108 is or not working correctly.