Sudden problem with Plextor PX-716A

I use a PLEXTOR DVD-R PX-716A, and it worked fien for me up through December. I suddenly cannot burn CDs, It has problems reading CDs, and the drive is registered as always in use when it has a CD in it. Also, when it has a CD in it, it flashes the amber lights twice. The official FAQ thing said flashing amber lights twice meant the “Auto Adjustment Failed”, also stating it “Cannot read a stamped disc or initialize a CD-R/RW disc because the drive cannot properly configure the focus and track adjustment settings.”

Well, from what I can tell, this really sucks. The solution to this, as listed in the FAQ:

I want to try to get help from tech support before i try and take the drive apart and run the self diagnostic test, as that probably wont help me since i alrdy know the problem, and i want to see if i can get help here before i try to get help from tech support.

Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated. I really dont know much about any of this, i just ran into a problem and am trying to fix it. :bigsmile:

Thanks! :flower:

RMA it. 2 amber blinks means focusing error. Had the same with DVD+R recently.

Agree, i had one with the same problem.

How is a focusing error caused? I don’t know what i did to make that happen, but i want to avoid it in the future.

Also, what is RMA? :bigsmile: I’m guessing it means sent it ba kto the manufacturer?

Definition of RMA from


<DD>Return Materials Authorization is frequently used to refer to all returned product, whether authorized or not. RMA administration typically requires the company receiving the goods to identify the goods, reimburse the person who returned the goods, and finally to sort the materials into three groups: Store-and-use-as-is, rework, or scrap.

Run the PX-716A Self-Test Diagnostics. This can be found in the manual under “Using the PX-716A Self-Test Diagnostics.” This will save you some time when you call Plextor for an RMA request.

Assuming you are in the United States, call Plextor technical support at 800-204-0332. Ask them for an RMA# and tell them about the blink codes and the results of the self-test diagnostics. The tech will immediately give you an RMA number. Be sure to tell him or her that you have either a black or white front bezel installed. They will send you a new drive with the same color bezel that you specify.

You will ship your drive to:
Plextor America
6990 US Route 36 East
Fletcher, OH 45326-9729

I just RMA-ed my drive for the same reason and got it back after six days total. Good luck!

yah its toasted… bad laser… you need to RMA it! I hope you still have some time on you warrenty and have NOT opened the drive or you are SOL!!

Must be quite common. Mine had exactly the same problem. I am not impressed by Plextor quality overal, so I will not by Plextor in the future, but hats off to the RMA process. It is the real strength of Plextor.

Read this article about the Starforce copyprotection. That may also cause this type of symptoms:

You may have had a game or demo with Starforce installed. Starforce then installs their own IDE drivers but are not deinstalled when a game is deinstalled.

Read the link in the posting and see if you have Starforce stuff installed. Then use the mentioned tool to deinstall.

I had a brand new 716A - and it produced really bad burns

RMA’ed it with a beige facia and got back a refurb with a black facia 6 weeks later - ???

Sold it on eBay straight away and went back to liteon drives

Never touching Plextor again…

My RMA is good so far! But 11 months for a drive is too short of a life span!