Sudden problem with DVD drive in Acer Aspire

I have an Acer Aspire 5710, about 2yrs old, & the DVD RW drive is not working…

I played a dvd successfully on it last night, then removed that & put in another, but it was not recognised. When I looked on My Computer, the drive was not recognised at all! I went into Device Manager & searched for new devices, whereupon the drive was found & I was prompted to install a driver. I did so, & it started - only to play too fast & jump while playing. I took the traditional approach, switching the computer off & on again. After that, it decided not to work at all, & even after a search on Device Manager the computer will not register the drive as present.

One thing I had done - I had just downloaded a lot of old files to my external hard drive, and also moved my My Documents & My Music folders to D: drive instead of C: drive, another partition on the same computer.

Has anybody seen this kind of problem? Is it likely to be software, or should I just pull out the drive & either repair or replace it?

Many thanks,

Thomas :slight_smile:


Just had an odd occurrence. I inserted a memory stick with photos on from my camera, & the dvd drive suddenly started whirring. I opened My Computer & it appeared there. On double clicking on the icon, it started playing in Windows media player, absolutely fine. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Puzzled T


seems as there was something wrong with the drive letters. No idea why such happens.


… & it’s gone again. It’s been whirring really loudly - I wonder if this might just be the drive wearing out?

I was given one of these things to fix today - after spending quite some time on it thinking the drive was dead I chanced upon the solution. The USB angle is indeed correct - I built a bootable USB key (UBCD) and this alone being in the system seemed to “jolt” the BIOS into correcting its sudden omission of the optical drive.

The problem seems to be in the machine’s BIOS or an erroneous CMOS setting – the BIOS was showing the name of IDE controller incorrectly, it showed a series of bizarre symbols where a proper name should have been and the optical drive (an optio or something similar from memory) was not named as such.

I then attempted to boot with the USB key (I set the boot menu to ON and I also turned off the “acer” screen in BIOS so I could see the proper POSTing screen during boot cycle).

This somehow forced the system back into a re-detect of its boot devices I believe and bingo, the optical drive was working again. I think it’s just a BIOS bug and may be brought on by booting the system with a USB stick inserted (particularly one that’s bootable).

I’d recommend trying a bootable USB stick if you run into this problem again.