Sudden problem not reading cdr's NEC nd3540a



Who can help me…
During burning a audiocd my Nero gave a error saying that the calibration was out of order and since this my 3540 doesn’t recogonize any cd or cdr
Dvd on the other hand is no problem…

I’m very P.O now cause it’s only a couple of months old and i really didn’t burn shit yet…

Any one got any clues?

I already cleaned the lens ( dry and wet) didn’t make a difference


Is it seen in the BIOS?


Yes it’s seen in the BIOS and XP sees it too, tried to check it in DOS but it wouldn’t see my bootcd


To boot from a CD/DVD, the drive must be in the bootchain (BIOS).

Or meant you just accessing/reading the disc?


It is in the bootchain
What i meant was that i tried to boot a bootcd i got from a friend and even that it fails to do … ( this all in DOS)


Have you tried with the windows CD?