Sudden price drop on dual layer media

I am seeing the RiDATA 2.4X 8.5GB DVD+R Dual Layer for $5.49, and a month ago, I have seen the same media for $12.29. Should the prices continue to drop. Anyone using this media.

Hmm I can get ritek disc’s for something off 4 euro’s for some months now.
It might me that the shop just got new stock and had to sell the older stock first for the old price and can now sell with the newer price.

Pay the extra for Mitsubishi or Verbatim DL media, as there is a very low chance of getting good burn with RITEKD01 DL media. It will be cheaper in the long run :wink:

i am in the usa, and everyother week u can pick up 3 pack verbatim +rdl for like 12-15 bucks

sometimes there on sale for 10.99 a 3pack, still not cheap, but diffenitly better then the crap ritek DL ,