Sudden burning problems with NEC-3500AG

I’ve been burning CD’s and DVD’s with my NEC 3500AG for about half a year now without any trouble. Since about two weeks every CD or DVD I burn takes about 2 or 3 times the time it usually took to burn. The write buffer suddenly seems out of control… it keeps moving between 0 and 100%. I’ve tried uninstalling McAfee (recently installed it, so I thought that was causing the trouble), using different burning programs and different media, but the write buffer doesn’t stabilize anymore. Together with the longer burn-time, burning fails sometimes now. About 1 in 5 DVD’s I burn fail at the last moment…

Can anyone help me solve this problem or is my NEC worn out and should I just buy a new burner? I hope someone can at least give me an idea about what the problem can be… thanks in advance!

I would guess a DMA setting problem. Look here for the DMA answers.

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Thank you for the fast response! As soon as I checked the DMA settings I realized what I changed right before this problem occurred… When trying to get a game to work I noticed my video hardware acceleration couldn’t be switched on, so I installed the nVidia nForce 2 drivers. My game worked, but I guess I forgot that those drivers also include IDE drivers. nVidia’s drivers somehow thought it was a good idea to switch off DMA (because of too many errors, according to the report). I’ve switched DMA back on now and it works like a charm!

What would you advise me to do now… just keep the nVidia drivers with DMA turned on or uninstall them anyway?

A lot of people here have had a lot of problems with nForce drivers and optical drives, so I would go back to the MS drivers.

Ok, I will. Thanks a lot for your help!

Anytime, glad your problem was an easy fix.