Sudden burning problem--any advice appreciated




I installed an internal NEC ND2500A DVD drive (LaCie) about six months ago, and it’s been great at everything. Then suddenly a week or so ago, while trying to burn an audio CD in MMJukebox, which I usually use, I got an ‘unable to burn due to unknown error’ message. I had also recently installed ITunes, and tried burning in that, and got the same message, so I installed ITunes it and did a system restore. Then I uninstalled musicmatch and reinstalled it, but I still have the same problem. I can burn an audio CD in that drive using other programs, and can burn an audio CD in my CDR drive using Musicmatch, but can’t burn using Musicmatch in the DVD drive. There also appears to be a problem if I try to create large DVD data disks using Roxio. Any advice on how to figure this problem out would be greatly appreciated.



Do you check your HD for errors and defrag? Also do you delete temp files too?
Just a good place to start. :slight_smile:


Installing multiple burn applications can create conflicts. I would remove ALL burn applications, cleanup the registry, remove the Primary and Secondary IDE channels from Device Manager, shut down PC and reset CMOS. Now reboot and install ONE burn application. Verify that your CD and DVD burners are detected in DMA mode and functional.


thanks for the replies. my questins are – how do I check the HD for errors? (I defragged it); and then, how do I clean up the registry if I remove all those programs?