Sudanese Airliner Crashes, Killing 116



KHARTOUM, Sudan - A Sudanese airliner crashed shortly after taking off from an airport on the Red Sea coast early Tuesday, killing 105 passengers and 11 crew. Only a child survived, officials said.

The Sudan Airways Boeing 737 was starting an internal flight from Port Sudan to the capital Khartoum, 410 miles to the southwest, when its captain reported trouble, airline director Ismail Zumrawy told the official Sudan News Agency.

The plane crashed into an empty area about 3 1/2 miles from the airport.

Rescuers found a surviving child, whose age was not disclosed. The child was in good condition in a hospital, said Salah Ali Ahmed, a spokesman for the Red Sea provincial government.

Ahmed said the bodies of the dead had been burned, he said.

The cause of the crash was not immediately known, but Ahmed ruled out bad weather.

Sudanese State Minister for Civil Aviation Mohammed Hassan el-Bahi said a team of experts would be sent to the scene to investigate the cause.

It is not yet known if there were foreigners on board.


Not that it is related, but I read an article about a baby falling from two stories up and escaping with just a few cuts and bruises. The fall was a free fall, with no retarding obstacles.

The survival rates of babies falling from high places is apparently due to their inability at that age to tense their muscles - when they hit the ground, the lax muscles absorb the impact energy. The adult human has great difficulty relaxing their entire body when they fall, so we hit the ground, quite literally, like a brick.

This is why cats too, can land usually unscathed from high falls. Below a certain distance, if they are flung out, they will be injured because they can not positon themselves for the landing in time. Above that critical height, they can position themselves for the landing (arched back, etc). Much higher than that does not seem to matter much, because they will reach terminal velocity.

Do not try this at home :wink:


Man, ebay has got to put up a bigger sign on their site that reads “strictly no rocket launchers.”

In other news, those docs in Singapore just killed one of the conjoined twins. I don’t think the 2nd one will survive.

Can things get any more shitty on Tuesday?


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Can things get any more shitty on Tuesday?

i woke up at 3 am and couldnt get back to sleep, but i hardly doubt that impacts your tuesday.

my cat can turn himself completely around to land on his feet 6 inches above the ground. at 4 inches, he just bites.