Suche TL 40 und Akira 6+7



Bitte nur Angebote aus Deutschland. Zahle nur per NN. Angebote bitte an


Kan man nicht English (?) sprachen ??

can you all please speak english,
i´m dutch myself so if there is a dutch msg i don´t mind actually but it´s just very annoying for english people.
i also think it´s very annoying if a site or msgboard or anything i want to visit and read is in an other language that i can´t read so please do it all in english
and what´s the big deal, almost every one can read and write english, even if your not that good, just do your best




We can offer you that, but AKIRA7 could be a little difficult …

*** AKIRA VOL6 available this weekend ***


Why ist Akira7 different? I buy only from a German Dealer.