Sucess with multiple rebates on Fujis?

Hi, I was wondering if you guys have ever sucessfully gotten a MIR cheque for 2 (or more) Fuji items that you bought together.

I’d gotten 2 50pks of Fujis from ages ago and the page still puts my status as “In Progress” after it had been “Printing Cheque”.

I had to set up 2 seperate accounts to claim both.

I suppose this does mean I should pay attention to the rebate form saying “Limit of one rebate per household or address”?

Whatever it is I’ve just bought 6 more 50pk spindles, since I was (for once) somewhere near a best buy and able to pick out the TY.

Do the rest of you get looks from the staff when you walk to the counter with 6 of these? Oh, and do they try and tell you there aren’t any more when there patently are more on a different shelf? Cunning bastards these people are.

Not that the rebates really matter, the retail price is already pretty good, and for TY no less :).

And these don’t have problems with burning speed the OEM ones had from

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BestBuy typically runs the same special several times for one rebate, so you will get denied if you try for a second rebate even if you bought at a different sale several weeks apart.
If you applied for multiple rebates with the same address or name or so on and so forth, you will likely get denied.

i actually called fuji regarding the rebates for the 50pk spindles, and they said that the terms are one rebate per household per rebate period, so u can send in a single rebate per household every time best buy offers this rebate. u can submit new rebates if best buy offers them again at a later date, so u can buy one spindle this week and send in that rebate, and if/when best buy offers a new rebate a few weeks from now, u can buy another spindle and send in that rebate as well.

these terms don’t apply to all fuji rebates though, which is why i wanted to call them to clarify the terms of the deal. on some occasions, u’re allowed to submit up to 5 rebates in a single envelope. i was able to submit 4 in a single envelope much earlier this year for a deal involving the color swirl spindles.

u can send in a single rebate per household every time best buy offers this rebate.

If you look at the terms of the spindle rebate, it’s for a period of a couple months. BB will offer the same rebate for a week at a time, several times during that period, but it’s the same rebate. Fuji’s period is not the same as BB’s sale period. I got denied several times on that one.
It may also be that denials get handed out for no particular reason.

the details i gave are straight from the mouth of the fuji representative i spoke to on the phone. he said that every week the spindles are advertised as having a rebate count as separate rebate periods, so even in the extreme event that best buy were to offer the rebate twice in two weeks, both weeks would count as separate rebate periods in which u could submit one rebate per period.

I just checked Best Buy’s rebate center, online, and I looked at several Fuji CD-R rebate forms and they typically last for one week. However as everone knows the rebate conditions for a particular rebate are stated on the form, those are the conditions, not what someone tells you on the telephone. AZImmortal’s two week time period seems to be typical of my experience. The submission of multiple rebates, for the same “rebate” is a general “no no,” however.