Successfully recovered 3550 from bad bootcode flash

Well I do experiment with my 3550 drive and try to convert it to 4551 with some tool necbfl, but during the process of bootcode flashing my monitor turned blue (BSOD).My drive led was blinking and the drive was totally dead.I tried to reflash with same tool but nothing still dead.I also tried nec converter, binflash-still nothing I got message can’t go to safe mode.I was desperate, I mean drive is not so expensive but still.

After trying of everything I can possible remember I decided to give a shot to the original 1.05 firmware from nec site and on my suprise it WORK! My drive is no longer dead and it work again perfectly fine.

So bottom line is never give up even with bad bootcode flash!

Hope this help somebody.

PS: The only thing that not turned normal is 2 bytes from last 3 bytes in firmware.Before it was 355 now is 451.Besides that everything work fine.

Did you let it finish flashing? It took about four to five minutes to finish the crossflash. I had to turn off the computer (kill the power to the computer) to get the light to stop flashing. I think the computer will not finish rebooting if you don’t kill the power first.

You are braver than I. Glad it worked. Thanks for reporting the horror story. Others will benefit.


Problem was that as soon as I start bootcode flashing my computer got BSOD (blue screen of death) so my drive was very dead.Damned via chipset!

Of course I turned off my comp and I must beacuse of BSOD, but my drive was still blinking.What was interesting is that my drive was still recognized as 3550 but totally dead.It is really the miracle that i bringing it to live.

The story continues this morning I downloaded Y5 firmware with new 1.25 binflash and I successfully flashed drive to Y5 firmware.With old binflash 1.23 that was impossible.


I am glad too.

it’s totally not worth it given the fact that labelflash probably won’t make it to the US and I got more DVDRAM drives than I can shake a finger at.
that and binflash 1.25 is no longer fooled by the hack :wink:

The blinking of the drive is normal after a bootflash. The drive will blink because it has no firmware on it. After restarting your PC the drive will be recognised as a NEC 4551 drive with firmware version 0.05 (not in your case :confused: ).
Now you have to flash the drive with the binflash utility and use normal NEC 4551 firmware.

Well after bootcode flash failure when I powered up my comp it was still recognised as 3550 with firmware 0.05 not 4551.As I sad before i was trying to flash with 4551 firmware but the message was can go to safe mode.Also i tried to reflash bootcode again with no success.The only thing that worked is flashing with original tool and firmware 3550 1.05 from nec.

Now when I start drive converter I have this:

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