Successful update acer notebook gt10n dell firmware



I was able to update my acer LG gt10n dvd with dell firmware a111. I did this because it was too picky about media and I could not create a restore disk. Acer does not provide an updated firmware. Surprise!

Steps were:

Made a bootable usb key (flash drive) with the HP key utiltiy and a windows 98 image.

Copy the DOS version of dell a111 update files to usb key

Found and copied gcdrom.sys cdrom driver (goldstar LG) to usb key.

modified config.sys to load said gcdrom.sys and little else (himem ect.)

Reboot and change bios sata to ide mode (temporarily) so that gcdrom.sys can find dvd drive.

boot to usb (f12) and run update.

After update change sata mode back to ahci (important because hard drive corruption will ensue.)

Burned 3 dvd’s on the same media that had failed 2 previous times.