Successful test with 105'. Looking for a reliable overburning test

I’m talking about a Rimax 100’ blank media tested with Nero CD-DVD Speed (v6.3.1.25) in both an Asus DRW-1814BLT and a LiteON LDW-811S (its CD part works as the first day). I have succeded with this media in real 99’36" burnings, I consider them to have very high real capacity (some “100 min” media do not even reach 98’), but probably not 105’, lol. I’m not sure yet about any real overburning capacity of my new Asus either (my previous LG was limited to 96’ or so, that’s why I’m so interested in this test), but I believe that the LiteON will burn any capacity that the media can held (for instance it burned the 99’36" CD mentioned above).

Considering how did I achieve it, I believe I would have equally reached 200’ or more. The problem seems to be that Nero CD-DVD Speed isn’t reliable in repetitive tests: I rebooted and tried to confirm the 105’ but the program and the burner hang, of course (I have no idea about what concretely should have been doing the burners during the first successful test).

So I’m looking for a reliable tool. At least one that always does the same and gives the same result with the same burner and the same disk. Any?

I’m using a recent installation of Win XP SP2.

(this is my 2nd attempt posting this and I believe that my first one failed, sorry if it appears duplicated)

I could be wrong but the only DVD burners than can overburn is older BenQ’s and real Plextor drives.

If this was about overburning DVD+R media you’d be right, but since this is about overburning CD-R media, you’re wrong. :slight_smile:

@Factor: I don’t use 100min CD-R media so I’m not an expert on such overburning, but I think you must accept some variation in the reported overburning capability. This variation might be less if you burn (or simulate a burn) at a lower burning speed; I’d suggest no faster than 32x and 16x is probably even safer.

You will have problems reading such CDs in many drives and CD players, but perhaps you already know that.

ok …so your saying that all DVD burners can overburn CD’s? I see no mention of any brands/models.

I have a lot of DVD burners here to try out…but if you say they all will i guess i’ll take your word for it.

I don’t know if all DVD burners can overburn CD-R media, but many more DVD burners can overburn CD-R media than DVD+R media. Some DVD burners won’t overburn much above 90mins.

There are CD-R overburning tests in many of the DVD burner reviews here at CDFreaks.

So i’m/you are only half wrong :slight_smile:

Yes i forgot about the reviews.

For rolling56: most DVD burners should overburn CD’s. I have had 3 previous models plus a combo cd burner-dvd reader, and all of them overburn CD’s. I just don’t know about overburning DVD’s

All of my tests were at 16x (CD!), and that’s also the speed I use for real recordings if I have enough time. I like CLV.

With Nero CD-DVD Speed you must run repetitive tests, that’s another issue I wanted to avoid with a new testing app. The test in Nero isn’t “burn this as much as you can and report how much you got” (that’s what I’d want!!!), but rather “try to burn this up to 099’17.84” (let’s say) and report how did it work".

It’s a kind of bet on a concrete duration, whose result may be a success, an error or a hang. If at least it were working OK in this limited way, I could determine a limit with a given accuracy (more when more tests run), but if the results are just random…

I have never tried to overburn CD’s with my DVD drives. I have overburned CD’s with both my Plextor Premiums. I do not have any 100’ CD’s to try though. I only have 80’ CD’s.

I used PlexTools to overburn CD’s.

Well, all my previous proofs were with “RAW mode” unchecked (with ASPI, isn’t it?). Now I have tried in RAW mode and the results are funny: if you set x’:00.00, the test stops at (x+1)’:30.00 . I have tried x=102’, 104’ and 110’.

I have noticed the following: just after starting, the “position number” starts between 97’ and 98’, goes up to approximately 100’ (it goes too fast to tell it exactly) and starts again near 0’ up to the end of the test. Was the first move an “exploration”? Was it the lead out? Are those 100’ the physical capacity of the disk?

Finally I’ve managed to ascertain the overburning limit with the media and my LiteON LDW-811S.

First I’ve downloaded the last version from , but I think I would have succeded with my previous older version too. Anyway.

Instead of using Tools -> Overburning test , I’ve used the Create Disk tab. Beforewards I’d checked in Archive -> Options -> Transfer Rate the boxes SAO (cue sheet) and Overburn CD (105:00.00). In Disc Type (simulation only) I’ve checked Data , but I don’t know if this is necessary, better or worse. I’ve also chosen Real Time in Archive -> Options -> User Interface -> Priority . I’ve performed the test at 24x.

I wasn’t interested in the graph at all, I just wanted to see what would happen with the Position number, near the lower right corner, and it stopped exactly at 100:01.25. Afterwards the recorder hang and I had to press reset. I re-checked with 102:00.00 in the options: 100:01.25 (and hang and forced reboot again). This result is good and well in the range of believable durations.

Previously I had failed with my Asus DRW-1814BLT. Definitely this drive cannot detect the CD overburning limits. I’ll just try real recordings when I have to do them, risking the media.

Thanks to geno888 for its excellent guide here . It has helped a lot.

Thanks to geno888 for his excellent guide here . It has helped a lot.

Sorry, I was somewhat sleepy… :o

Actually this is how the overburning test in Nero CD-DVD Speed works :wink:
But unfortunately it does not work with all drives. Some drives, like the Asus DRW-1814BL may lock up when testing the capacity limits.

Here is an example of a successful overburning test with a 100min CD-R (done with a BenQ drive):

So basically you specifiy a test capacity which is a few minutes higher than what you expect (in this case 105min for a 100min disc) and Nero CD-DVD Speed will tell you how much you can actually burn on the disc (99:04 in this case).

In RAW mode Nero CD-DVD Speed writes the lead-in which starts at 97’ (which is actually -3’). It also writes a lead-out of 30 seconds.
In DAO/SAO mode the drive handles the lead-in/out so you don’t get to see these disc positions.
I hope this makes sense :slight_smile: