Successful rip to iso but wont play

I have CloneDVD & AnyDVD and clone dvd was working fine and then I dont know what happened. But now when I try to rip a movie to ISO and then re-burn it back to DVD it will not play in the dvd player or my computer. Does anybody else have this problem? I am going to format my computer to see if that fixes the problem.

Your problem is, you use the wrong CloneDVD.
Use elby CloneDVD2 and newest AnyDVD from here:

I think you’re slipping there my friend.
Didn’t we think it best not to post the live links to prevent robots from doing their nasty work? You might be getting a spanking from Slysoft. :clap:

I won’t get any spanking. I was posting an URL, not an email address!
Posting URLs is fine (everybody loves it, including Google), posting email adresses is evil, 'cause evil spam robots will pick email addresses from Webpages and will flood the mailboxes with p*nis enlargements and fake rolexes. :slight_smile:

As always, there’s no fooling you!

“will flood the mailboxes with p*nis enlargements and fake rolexes”

BTW, I’m in the market for the two items you mention, gotta run to the bank and see if my funds will permit it.

Tru, You are the best. CloneDVD2 does everything I want it to. I LOVE YOU!!!