Successful InCD disk then NOTHING?

I completely uninstalled Nero 6.6, used all the Clean tools from your website then reinstalled 6.6 including the EasyWriter file (they) Nero told me to download. It made no difference. I was able to format a CD-RW disk and drag some files onto the disk successfully. However, once I rebooted and reinserted the disk, all I got was what I had before i.e. a folder called Files, a file named OpenHtml.exe and an autorun.inf.file. I can NO ,longer read my files I had successfully added after reformatting. What is going on? Please advise. Thanks.

It may be a problem with updating your ASPI layer drivers.
Do a google search for Force ASPI, and it will give updates.
This fixed that problem for me,
but am having another problem with ripping CD tracks,
and am wondering if their is a conflict with No# DVD audio rip being on
my system with NERO.

I just had exactly the same error occur while using InCD to move .jpg files to a DVD. Have you found any recovery solution? If I can’t get back to the files on that disc, I just lost about 4 gigs worth of photos!


why anyone ever uses [and trusts !] INCD to store ANYTHING is beyond my comprehension…there are just SO MANY tragic stories related to INCD…i feel a class action coming on :slight_smile:

Gee… thanks for the help. :rolleyes:

Actually, I started using the InCD product to back up my digital photos way back when I bought my current digital camera and I just never got around to changing my ways. The product is slow slow slow when moving files from C: to the DVDRW. I had been planning to restore all the photos to C: and then just burn them to a standard DVD for backup, but I just never found the time to mess with 4 gigs of transfer (two ways).

BTW - For what it’s worth to anyone else who might experience the same problem, I just ran the trial version of DVD Data Rescue and it says it found 4310 files that can be recovered. Of course, the Evaluation Version wouldn’t actually recover the files… so I just purchased the product and registered it and I am running the scan once again. I’ll be sure to post back whether it actually recovered the files or not.

isobuster will what dvd data rescue will do…

I am used to see this problem every now and then, and don’t know what causes it. The only theory is something related to the number of files or amount of space used.

“In other words -and this is the rock-solid principle on which InCD success is founded- their fundamental design flaws are completely hidden by their superficial design flaws” (Douglas Adams)

Thanks again… but since DVD-DR is already bought and paid for, I reckon I’ll just stick with it.

UPDATE: After registering the product I was able to recover all 4310 photos from the trashed InCD disc. The only thing I lost was the original file names (as assigned by the camera itself) which gave me the original chronology of the photos. Other than that, I’ve reviewed all 4000+ images and they all look okay. I have now erased the InCD disc and plan to use it in regular burn-to-disc mode. I’m through with InCD after this little incident, hehe.

You may have a good point with regard to the number of files or the storage capacity used.

InCD was working very well for me when I only had a couple of hundred JPG’s out there. But when I got up into the two or three gig range, with several thousand files involved, I noticed some rather severe degradation in the transfer process. Then this week it finally just threw up and locked me out of the disc altogether.

The way I look at it, what’s the use of having a handy dandy little drag and drop tool like InCD if you can only safely work with about 30% of your DVD capacity?

Like I said already, InCD is out for me now… and multiple redundant backups are back in (after my recent and rather unfortunate slip from the regimen :wink: ).