Successful Burns, Unable to read DVD on some machines

Recently upgraded to the latest version of 1CLICK DVD Copy, also have the current latest version of DVD43. When copying any source media, wether it be an older movie or not, the burn process will end successfully. However, when the burnt DVD is placed into either this system or various other friends computers, it is reading as a blank CD. However, on a friends Windows Vista machine, it is read perfectly fine, and auto starts via WinDVD.

Is this a problem with the media I am using ?

My machine, is only 6 months old, and running Windows XP Media Center Editions (Service Pack 2).

Only thing I can think of, is either the media (the blank DVD’s, which are Verbatim DVD -R’s) are either too weak, to be recognized on slightly older machines ?!?

Left clueless here, any help appreciated.

it sounds like you media is not being finalized properly right click the 1click icon /properties find target now open the vso folder you will see the pattin coufin layer open it now put one of you copies in the burner and click on the burner in the correct drive in the pattin couffin layer and select unfreeze finalize media that should take care of those discs also try sao mode first with 1click doing -r media you might want to pick up some +r media verbatims are very good. :slight_smile:

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