Successful burn but no burn marks. help!

Hey all,

I picked up a used 822A a few months ago and it was burning fine with Nero 6.6. Burned about dozen of back up movies fine with TY -R @ X8. I started getting ‘illegal disc’ errors so I lowered the burn speed to x4 and burned 2 successful. After that I got the ‘illegal disc’ error again. Slowed down the burn speed to x2.4, same error. Did some research and checked my FW, checked ASPI. Realized that I didnt have ASPI installed.

So today, i upgraded Nero to 7, installed ASPI 4.6, left the FW at B3JC. Burned a set of movies successful (4202mb) @ X4 on the same media (TY -R x8). Now when I go to verify the burn, my drive shows ‘F:\ is not accessable. Incorrect Function’. I look at the disc and theres no burn marks on it. My greatest fear now is that the lasers is gone.

Can you guru’s help me is determining what’s wrong with my drive? TIA!

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Nero was probably in simulation mode.

Use Nero CDspeed and create a data disc. Or hit F9.

Post result.