Successful backup of UT2003

Hi, all. I just successfully made a backup of my Unreal Tournament 2003 disks. All I had to do was make an ISO of the first disk, but copy the ut2003.exe from the demo version into the ISO, replacing the file that is already there. (It’s in the system folder)
I then made copies of the other two cd’s using the Nero wizard, using all default settings for everything. To prove that it worked, I installed the game from scrtch using only these backups, and it started without a hitch!.
I think the makers of the game dropped the ball on this one.

It’s been said a few dozen times in the past week at least, replacing .EXE files is not making a 1:1 backup (which is what everyone here is shooting for).

The goal is backing up your game, so you can tuck away your originals someplace safe, and put your cheap backup copy in harms way. Ideally the backup will be a 1:1 copy of the original, so it doesn’t need evil C word, to run.

The replaced .EXE likely won’t work once the first patch comes out, because they will either fix the loophole, or like many other patch programs, it will check filesize and give errors on the demo.exe (which is 600k smaller than the retail .exe).

So, as of yet we still have no reliable way to backup UT2k3. Does anyone know if the new Daemon-Tools emulation will work with UT2k3 yet?

agree…that is what we want…a 100% copy

but still nice to know

I agree as well with what you say, baracus. But it’s still a good fix for now, until a more final solution presents itself. As of right now, I can safely put away my originals, and not worry about the copies. When the first patch comes out, it probably won’t work anymore, but in the meantime…


No doubt it works, there hasn’t been a game that wouldn’t work with swapped or modified .exe files.

I’m sure people who don’t own burners capable of making 1:1 backups routinely take this route to preserving their originals. But really, it’s not much of a successful backup, and using that as your title sorta misleads us :slight_smile:

It is not-

[li]A successful 1:1 backup.
[/li][li]New information. The same info has been posted elsewhere on the forum more than once.
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