Successful Automation DVD FAB 5 Video_TS to AVI



Hi All,
I am a Newbie to this forum but I am a seasoned computer programmer. I thought the other day that it would be great to have all my DVD’s in VOB format on my Windows Home Server so I created the structure below

\Top Gun\Video_TS

Several VOB Files exist under the VIDEO_TS. Great!!! Now I wanted to put several movies onto a external Drive so I could watch them at my winter vacation home. Well here is where the problem lays. I don’t want to put 500 Gigs of VOB files onto a hard drive and only have 80 movies. I searched and searched to find a program where I could queue up several movies (not just the vob files) and select an output location and click GO.

I didn’t find a good one. But I already owned DVD Fab Platinum with the mobile extra.

So I developed a program that will use DVD Fab 5 Platinum to batch convert.

Simply setup the DVD Fab program to remember the last settings. Then I set DVD Fab to Mobile and Generic and set the conversion options.

Now I close DVD Fab and run my little App. DVDFabAutomate.exe

  1. I select my root dvd folder (In my case it was d:\shares\videos)
  2. Then I select the output folder (c:\output)
  3. The programm loops through all the movie folders and in one by one runs them through dvd fab. (dvd fab will open and close for each movie)

If anyone is interested in this, please let me know and I can post the exe.


  1. DVD Fab 5 registered/owned version.
  2. DVDFabAutomate.exe



yes send me a PM with a download link if you have it uploaded somewhere please.


Here is the download link, it should be there for 7 days from today.

I just finished testing it. please let me know if you have any problems.


I’ll give it a try when i get a few to run in batch. Will it also run batch on .iso files? If not could you add that?


I am not sure about iso but I believe they should work as long as they are in the folder structure,

\movies\Top Gun\VIDEO_TS


Have you ever looked at the Multiple Conversions feature in DVDFab Mobile?