Just a quick note to say thanks to all on the forum. THANKS!

Just O/C my 40125w to 48x works a treat!..for anyone interested I use winxp (ntfs) made dos boot disk under format, then copied MTKflash and vs02 bin file to floppy. Made a second disk and copied just MTKflash to it. Booted second floppy and backed up original rom. Rebooted with first disk and flashed new bin file. Worked perfect! I did disable DMA in the bios.

The only problem I have is that Direct CD and InCD dont see the drive anymore, any ideas?

Again thanks and keep up the good work.

Long live OverClocking!:bigsmile: :bow:

Make sure you have InCD 3.31

I don’t think it’s supported in DirectCD yet, but you may check if you have the latest version.

Thanks for the swift reply…have got that version but still no joy.
Just downloaded update again and will try later.


Uninstall current versions of DirectCD and InCD, clean the registry, reboot and reinstall the latest version of InCD.

Thanks Burnproof. Problem last time I cleaned reg of these winxp went totaly t*ts up.

But I will try again and see what happens. :slight_smile:

If anyones interested in the UK I bought my 40125w for £49+vat.