Wow! I am surprised. In my “D56A slimtype to LiteOn SOSW-852S?” i told what was the problem, in the end i had to insert a new media RITEK F1 (bought has Memorex 16X DVD-R 10pk) into the PFS-3 firmware media - i used the RITEKG06 strategy and at 4x burned my ISO (quicktime movies works) 2,2Gb apparently worked - movies play ok. Still have to try using a DVD to near full size to check if it behaves same way.

Sorry, don’t understand, are you speaking in Martian?

Ok sorry speed writing…

  1. My D56A slimtype wasnt reading RitekF1 (branded as Memorex 16X DVD-R 10pk) because it wasnt in last firmware available.

  2. with omnipatcher i changed the firmware inserting RITEK F1 media type and using the RITEKG06 strategy.

  3. burned an 2,2Gb ISO image and the quicktime movies inside it play ok.

I understood what you meant anyway.

Not sure what that makes me. :confused: