Well, I’m finally able to burn a dvd. Long gone are my problems from past threads. Turns out my OS was the problem. Had Win2K but for some unknown reason, it was not compitable with either of my two burners. Today I installed XP and presto… problem gone!

Now I finally ask more questions about burning dvds. :slight_smile:
I’ve joined the club.

Again I want to thank everyone who took the time to help me out
in the past.


Yo Rafael-

Congrads Bra-

Glad that we didn’t have to go through this time what we went through last time!!

Happy Burnin’

And remember to use ONLY good medias-


Hey Rafael…

Bravo!!! Congrats Brother and now we can finally give you a fare welcome aboard. And as KINDA like Mike says, Do remember to use good medias+:bigsmile:


I can’t thank both of you enough for all the help you gave me when I was having my %$&*#@ problems with the burner. And to think, it was my OS all along.
Boy I tell ya…

Now I feel bad for cussing out my burner.

Thanks again fellas