Success with Plextools XL 3.09 after fail with Nero 6.6 burning TDK media with 755A

Last day( I burned with Nero 6.6 an audio cd image (.nrg) to:

  • Normal TDK media: Media Id = Moser Baer.
  • CDR Audio TDK media: Media Id = TDK.

That CDR Audio was unreadable by an external CD Player, but with PC I could realize that the error was not in the data, only in the index, cause replacing the good cd by the bad I extracted the tracks and were bit by bit exactly equal.

Today I´m burned the same audio cd image but in APE+CUE format with Plextools Professional XL 3.09 in a CDR Audio TDK, and it played successfully in the external CD player, and with far better quality than the normal TDK.

It could be possible cause some kind of incompatibility or maybe Nero writes data in a different which CDR Audio doesn´t like? Should I test burning again from APE+CUE format?


You do know that Nero is out ?? So you might want to try that instead of Nero 6.6 .

Yes but I think I´ll wait cause some people are talking only bad things about Nero 7.

I´ve tested the same media with a Benq 1650 and it recorded without errors.


It were only that nero can´t burn a nrg to an CD-R Audio, but it can with APE+CUE.


It is free to try Nero7