Success with InseKtor 2.1!

I own a Plexy 2410a and I just used the new InseKtor 2.1 to patch C&C Renegade. I can now play the game in my Plexy without “Hide Cd-R” media and game will also play in my Toshiba SD-M1502. CloneCd settings I used:

Read: 4x
Read sub q audio: checked
Read sub q data: checked
Fast error skip: on
Regenerate data sectors: checked

Write: 4x
Always close last session: checked
AWS: checked
Don’t repair subchannel data: checked
I used my Plexy to read image files and will test Toshiba SD-M1502 tomorrow and get back with you on this.

InseKtor 2.1:

Shoebedobedoo:cool: :smiley:

ok, but do you still need insektors to run the game?

No, not on WinXP. Game runs like a charm on both drives. No “hide cd-r” media checked:D Backups also play on a Matshita (Panasonic) SR-8586 DVD-Rom& LG GCE 8240b with InseKtor 2.1 hook driver installed.


really? cool!!! i have a cyberdrive cw038d 16x/12x/40 wich can only copy sd2 2.4 and only with aws on, but i don’t need hide cdr media. i cannot copy sd2 2.51 in any way, maybe this will work

Originally posted by Shoebedobedoo
Backups also play on a Matshita (Panasonic) SR-8586 DVD-Rom& LG GCE 8240b with InseKtor 2.1 hook driver installed.

so you need to have insektors running to play the game?

Icon isn’t in system tray, but I do have to have InseKtors enabled(Toshi, Plexy). If I play in the Plexy drive, hide cd-r/w is enabled as well. Well at least I can play the freakin’ game in my Toshi drive! Same applies to Matshita SR-8586& LG GCE 8240b. Sorry for the confusion.


this is no news, i thought you had actually found a way to copy sd2.51(except for lite-on) without having something running in the background!

My suggestion, buy the Asus CRW-4012a and cure all cd copy protections:cool:


InseKtor is a hit and miss application. It crashed many, many systems, particularly during early to mid 2001. I recommend that it go nowhere near your system. Many games also blacklist it and it takes the developer too long to update it. D-Tools gets blacklisted but it’s quick to be updated. FantomCD is also blacklisted at the moment by the new, SecuROM new. CloneCD probably gets blacklisted as well (did CCD .10 fix this?) and if it does Olli doesn’t talk about it.

I don’t quite understand what you’re saying (did CCD.10 fix this?).
Do you have any explaination as to why the backup plays in Toshi& Matshita (Panasonic) SR-8586?


he’s wondering if the update from 4.0.10 to fixed a blaclisting problem, and ofcourse it works in your drives when you have insektors running !!

If you’re referring to CloneCD, I’m using CloneCD


the 2.1 version is shit. installs wrong driver. detects winxp as win98. the cdrom drives disappear. if you already installed it, go to the registry, search for lower filters, delete insectxp, if you have not installed it yet, here’s a piece of good advice: stay with version 2.0, it works flawlessly