Success with GTA3, Liteon LTD 163D and Plextor 40x12x40

Well, to my suprise, I was able to burn my original copy of GTA3
using my Liteon LTD 163D GHR2 firmware to read and burn with my Plextor 40x12x40 firmware 1.02. I used the latest version of CD mate and their wizard for SafeDisc2.

I was able to install and play the game using the Liteon LTD 163D.
I only expected it to work on the Plextor! I have another PC with a Cendyne DVD CD rom drive and it didn’t work. My gaming rig is the machine with the LTD 163D and Plextor so that is all I care about.

I would be curious to see what other CD rom drives might work such as Toshiba or Pioneer.


thanks for info i needed that i have the same liton dvd drive and plex 24/10/40

Hmm I back-upped GTA3 using a PleXCombo PX-320A drive using CloneCD and AWS enabled. The back-up works just fine in every drive I’ve tested (including the picky Tosh SD-M1502 DVD-ROM). So nothing new here… The Plextor writers are known to work very well with AWS but I suggest using a low read speed of 4x.

The Plexwriter 320A have problems making backups of SD2.51; but with the 2.60, in general, it works well

Originally posted by Parker
The Plexwriter 320A have problems making backups of SD2.51
No it hasn’t:


-Serious Sam 2 (SD 251.021)
-GTA3 (SD 251.021)

Just fine with AWS enabled. Used 4x to read the discs.

My gta 3 is protected with 2.60.052.
I have tried some models of that writer; Have you tried that backups in certain drives like Toshibas DVD´s (in models 1402 or 1401), Pionner or Artec drives?
In agreed with my tests with that drive; it have had some problems of boot.
May be I am mistaked because new models of that writer have a better EFM Encoding.
My conclussion is that Plextor should to change the chip of their cd-recorders to give the ability of EFM Encoding.

Back-ups of Serious Sam 2 and GTA 3 were tested in:

AWS disabled:

Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1502: failed
TEAC CD-W540E: success
Mitsumi CR-480ATE: success
PleXCombo PX-320A: success

AWS enabled:

Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1502: success
TEAC CD-W540E: success
Mitsumi CR-480ATE: success
PleXCombo PX-320A: success

My GTA3 has SD 2.51.021. The Tosh 1502 is known to be picky with SD2 back-ups and is therefor considered a good test drive. If the game works in this drive than you have a ‘perfect’ (between quotes since AWS was used and some people will not consider this a perfect copy) copy as I see it.

I agree when you say you would like to see the Plexie’s with a different chipset. It would really help them compete with Lite-On.

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To Parker:

I’m also a spanish boy and have got GTA3 few days ago. I passed safedisc analizer and return it is sfv2.51.021.
And one more thing…i have a plextor 2410 with fw 1.04 and copies works almost everywhere with AWs enabled but fails in my toshiba DVD (SD-M1202).My question is this: is this model of toshiba more accurate tha 1502 model? And i want to say with this that copies work on tosh 1502 but not in 1202…

Replies are accepted …thanks!

Sorry for my confusion;
I passed the Safedisk Analizer to my GTA 3; and its version is sd2.51.021 and no 2.60.052 :bigsmile:
I would be thinking in a recent game I have bought : Heroes of Might & Magic 4.
But my preferences about recording sd2 is always without AWS.
For that , I continue using my old Plex 8/20 and 8/2/20 to rip that damned protection :Z

I had a plex 24x and I decided to change to Lite-ON 24x and I am able to write all possible protections except some that are impossible now. But the quality of the plex 8x is better in some cases like to rip psx/ps2. :smiley: