Success! US source for TY 4x +R DVD's

Found a source for bulk TY dvd’s here in the US.

Buying 50 at a time is a little bit much for me, but thought some else could use the info.

And a second one—higher prices though.

Nice work, but you’re not done yet.
You have to order some to see if they really have them in stock, then check the media itself to see if it’s real. I think it’s a mirage. :wink:

Tsk, tsk, have you no faith? Surely after that much effort one of those places will have them. :slight_smile:

Now if I just had some use for 50 dvd’s.

I figure eventually they’ll start showing up in places that sell smaller packs—just no telling when.

What about places such as

They are USA are’nt they?

As far as I could tell, cddimensions didn’t have any TY 4x +R disks.

Lots of places have the -R disks, the +R’s have been ones that are hard to find in the US—but I’m hoping that is beginning to change.