Success story

i originally had a sony d22a pruchashed dec 2004 that was a giant piece of crap(spent to much time waisting good discs and trying to make it work, even cross flashed it to get more media support which was only a bandaid in the end, the thing couldnt even read its own burns), and replaced it with a plextor px-716a last week and the thing works like a charm. Even with the discs that didnt work with the d22a. Not a coaster produced yet with the new drive and i recently upgraded the firmware as recommended on the box for 6x DL speed(even though i dont have any :D) and still works just as good.

I also have one of those and I am proud of it as well but I likes me LG and BenQ too. Anyway happy burning.

I nearly bought a Sony D22A for my first purchase, but something told me to return it and order a Pioneer DVR-108. Turns out that was a far better choice. I also have a Plextor px=716a that works well for me, and I probably have 50+ burns with it, and it largely does very well with the media I have. However, keep an eye on your plextor, learn to do the burn tests (to make sure it’s as good as it seems), and report back on how your Plextor is holding up after 50 or 100 burns, just to let us know. Any ‘success story’ with Plextor these days is nice to hear (but unfortunately isn’t happening as often as it used to, since it used to be guaranteed).

ill post the results of a q-check pi/po test

btw whats the c1/c2 fe/te and ta tests?

Pi/Po tests is for testing your DVD media burns
c1/c2 is like Pi/po, except for testing your CD media burns
fe/te test basically tests the media inserted to see if it can written at the maximum speed the drive says it can be written at. It will tell you if it can be written at the max or if you need to lower the burn speed

TA basically represents jitter and phase shift in peaks from the burn. It will run about 15 seconds for each of the 3 zones (for single layer media) and give you a score for each zone, telling you if it’s ‘excellent,’ ‘very good,’ ‘good,’ etc. Your PDF manual will have more detailed explanations on them. :wink:

okay i did a sum 8 test and got a PIE of 14343 and a POF of 0

this was a verbatim 8x +r burned at 12x and filled to about 4.1 gigs or so

also did a sum1 test and got a pif of 700 and pof of 0.

Over 400 movie burns and never a coaster with the 716A and Nero Ahead.

Using Verbatim 16x +R…
Purchased mine from NewEgg this past December.


PIE (parity inner errors–the correctable ones) level you mentioned was very good to excellent. The POF (parity outer error) is always a good sign, as even one of those would be a coaster.

Regarding the PIF (sum1), I’m not aware what the average is for that mid, but 700 is good-very good in many’s books.

just an FYI, error totals are less important than clusters/spikes/density…posting the scans or at least the max and average values is more informative than totals…

My Plextor PX-716A and PX-716UF work great as well. I haven’t had much problems with them (except with the first firmware revisions that didn’t have a good media support). I tend to use Fuji (Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R) and Verbatim 8x DVD+R discs mostly and they work excellent at 8X and 12X. I also use a lot of Ricoh 4X DVD+R discs and they work well at 8X.

@cdx. It’s always great to hear when they work as advertised. As drpino likes to say, Happy burning.:cool:

happy burning :wink: