Success SD2 burn with CloneCD4, but will it work on other drives

I’ve been going at it for a week, finally success! The secret, CloneCD4 :). I never tried it until just now. Since my pc is set Canada instead of US, I have the Amplify Weak Sector option and Hide CD option unlocked. What I have been testing is Project Earth, and I will try Morrowind soon.

Now I don’t have another PC with a normal drive so I don’t know if it’ll work on anything else but my Plex 8432. Everytime I tried starting the game, I got a re-insert game cd message. With the AWS setting and Hide CD it works now, but if I take off the Hide CD setting I’ll get the message again. I know this setting is to be used with CDRW drives, but does that mean I made a succesful burn and will work in a normal drive too without the use of this option?

well that hide cd is only for getting by the atip check. As for AWS your gonna have to try it in other drives. i heard a good drive to test safe disk v2 cd-r’s is a toshiba drive, if it works in there, odds are it will work in alot of other drives to from what i heard on these forums.

good luck :slight_smile:

You probably made a good back-up. Like mentioned the Toshiba SD-1502 DVD-ROM drives are a good test to see if the created back-up is perfect or not. The ‘Hide CDR Media’ option is explained in this and this article.