Success of DVD Players proves a mixed blessing - too cheap?

I just posted the article Success of DVD Players proves a mixed blessing - too cheap?.

DVD is currently THE technology that is conquering a place in living and bedrooms around the world. And while many, many people are getting DVD players, the companies that produce and sell them do…

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So when can I buy a necktie with frikkin’ lasers! hold pinkie against lips :slight_smile:

Reminds me in a way of how the phone companies were selling mobile phones at a loss to increase their market share. Once we have that firmly established, they thought, we can start making a profit! Only problem was that by then everybody already had one of these cheap phones and there was no way to turn the market share into money! :4

What about the royalities that the patent holders get for every movie & player. Almost all the major name brand equip makers are patent holder. Sony, Phillips. etc.

It would be nice if the same went for the price of DVDs & CDs too.

It’s the old Gillette analogy; sell cheap razors, make expensive blades that need constant purchasing.

Here’s a man that knows his technology “you can buy a dvd wiv lasers an all sorts of fingies”… what does he use…a gramophone…:7

Best Buy already did have a promotion where you got a free DVD player if you bought a pre-packaged bundle of DVD movies (the bundle was something like $120 iirc).