Success! Memorexx 48Maxx 48/24/48 to Lite-On LTR-48246S


I did successfully flash my new Memorex 48Maxx 48/24/48 to a Lite-On LTR - 48246S using the newest SS06 firmware.

Works like a charm … no differences really. I just did it so when the 52x firmware becomes available I can try to upgrade.
Memorexx isn’t real big on firmware updates, anyway.

That’s encouraging to hear. I have a Memorex 48Maxx 48x12x48x which I’ve been wanting to flash to firmware VS08. I assume my drive is equivalent to a LiteOn LTR-48125W. I doubt they used a v6 chipset in my drive, so flashing to a LTR-48246S is probably impossible. Thanks for posting your success story. I’m almost ready now to “pull the trigger” and try the VS08 flash.