Success! Memorex 48Maxx 48/24/48 -> 52Maxx 52/24/52

Well we’ve wondered if the version 6 chipset could do it and indeed it can.

My Memorex 48Maxx (which I had flashed to a Lite-On LTR-48246S) is now a 52Maxx (52/24/52) with firmware 6WS2. Nero reports 7,800 maximum speed and tests have shown about a 14-15 second jump in writing an 80 minute disc.

No problems so far.

Can someone please post real Lite-On 52x firmware (I would rather use Lite-On since they upgrade their firmware frequently).


I would like to know if the same is possible with the LiteOn 48/12/48 LTR-48126S? Plz someone flash this drive too!:slight_smile:

good job! Keep it going!

I’ve also flashed my Memorex 48Xv2 to 52X (Memorex firmware) with no problems at all.

Does anyone know if there is actually any physical difference between the Memorex (Lite-On) 48x24x48 drives and the 52x24x52 drives? Are they the same drive using different firmware to achieve the higher speeds. Or do they actually have different mechanical parts?