Success in converting Lite-On 32123S to 40125S, almost!

I just posted the article Success in converting Lite-On 32123S to 40125S, almost!.

OC-Freak, one of our moderators is probably one of the biggest Lite-On fan available and he’s always into experiments. But now another forum member (IgNite) has tried to convert his Lite-On 32123S…

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By the way: When will the new firmware for the 40x Liteon be realesed, which you mentioned a few weeks bevore ,to make the drive’s average speed a lot faster. Gräfdig Gloner

Well, actuelly u are right. CDRW overclocking isn’t for sissies. It is for Software Engineers :slight_smile:

Now that is a CD FREAK! :o

:frowning: U’r FIRST !!! Sorry guys take a look at the Liteo Forum and searcj for my nick, the only difference is that, when i do my upgrade there was no P-CAV and MT-Rainier support in LTR 40. Search “Liteon LTR-32123S overclocked to LTR-40125S semi-failed” on forum LiTeon I WAS FIRST - to do such a dtupid move, and if U dear friend 'd red my post, u’d know what might happen…

whats for men f$%^% up your drive i think you got it all wrong not much different to doing a bios upgrade and you dont need to be ienstien to do that just a little common sence come to think of it just abiut everything with comps just takes a little common sence:7:d