Success in Converting 32123S to 40125S---Almost!


Well i couldnt resist the urge to find out first hand if the 32123S would accept the ZS0G fw that’s been floating around.
My original fw was XS0U.
Obviously the standard ZS0G.exe would not flash my drive cause its not the 40x drive, so I modded it using a hex editor:

ZS0G --> XS0V

I proceeded to flash and everthing went fine.
Rebooted and went into windows. I put a cd in and thats when the problem started. I get this weird eject problem where it keeps ejecting 4 to 5 times before it settles down and I can access the cd.
This problem was not present with the original XS0U fw.

I tried burning a cd, and it worked fine under Nero. Nero said it was burning at 40x, 6000kb/s. So I was happy with that. :)According to Nero Mt. Rainer is supported and so it PCAV :smiley: . I have not tried Mt. Rainer though.

If anyone has any ideas on how to stop the ejecting problem …this might actually work.
I’ve modded the XS0U.exe to XS0W, so I can go back to the original fw. I would have wanted to flash directly to XS0U but it wont allow me to do so :frowning:

edit: Removed screenshots…somehow my account got cancelled?!

When and where was your drive manufactured?
Have you tried to test the readspeed?
Have you tried to read back a CD written at 40X? (or tested it with CD-speed’s scandisc function) to test the readability of the written discs?

Yes please more info!
More more! :slight_smile:

I just upgraded my 24 x to 32x (32123s). It worked fine…so will we be able to flash to 40x??

Some questions i have;
If you see the results of your expriment could we say that mt. rainer is a firmware issue, not a hardware issue?? Or does Lite-on down grade 40x speeds to 32x speeds? Strange that the Mt Rainer option already is implemented in the 32 speed.

Will the motor that spins your cd’s be able to keep op the speed. I hope it will not burn.

Further i have the same questions as the people above…
(what is the quality of the burned cd’s etc…)

Keep us informed…please

To OC-Freak: my drive was made in March 2002.

I just tried making an audio cd from mp3’s in Nero and Fireburner but no success :frowning:

Everything seems to be going fine…the programs dont give any errors , the red light is on and they report success but when i try to read the disk it shows up EMPTY and I can “record” something else on it in Nero :confused:

Then I tried backing up my Quake 3 cd but it didnt work either :frowning:
So, its back to XS0U for me…or should I say XS0W…

Can someone please tell me or refer to me a guide showing how I can go BACK to a previous firmware?

Mount Rainer can be added by a newer firmware to drives which were before the update without this new writing satndard.
One example is the 24x Mitsumi which now can be updatet with a new ,official firmware to mount rainer compatibility.
Gräfdig Gloner


May be interesting for you?

thnkx for the link OC-Freak.

It worked great and now I’m back to XS0U. :slight_smile:

It was an interesting experiment but I guess it just wasnt meant to be. Someone else might get it working…who knows;)

If GrefdigGloner is correct, we might be able to get Mt. Rainer support in the future.

How is the 32123S behaving after flashing back to XS0R or XS0U? Is it okay?

AND what about the P-CAV? Is it working or not? And I would try it at 32x burning, instead of 40x… i do not want the speed, but I would appreciate MRW and P-CAV.
OC-Freak, what do you think, is it possible that LiteOn will make FW directly for 32123S with these features?

BTW, a have binaries taken for mtkflash of both of them if needed. XS0R is which come with drive and XS0U after flashing it. Maybe I could build a small web with this :slight_smile: And OC, do you want them to your collection? :smiley:

Hey Fangorn flashing back to XS0U as I mentioned has brought the drive back to normal. No more cd eject problems where it opens and closes a number of times before I can access the disk and sometimes it doesnt :confused: .

After using mtkflash itts back to the way it was. :slight_smile:

I like you’re idea Fangorn, it makes more sense trying to burn at 32x then 40x. I didnt think of that while testing and I’m not sure I want to go through the hassle again.

But please let us know if you do try it out. You can go back to the original fw.

Already have XS0F and XS0U in my binary firmware collection :wink:

I don’t know if P-CAV will be supported, but in theory I think mt.rainier may be supported with a firmware upgrade. But will such a firmware upgrade be released? I really don’t know.

Originally posted by IgNite
[B]Hey Fangorn flashing back to XS0U as I mentioned has brought the drive back to normal. No more cd eject problems where it opens and closes a number of times before I can access the disk and sometimes it doesnt :confused: .

But please let us know if you do try it out. You can go back to the original fw. [/B]

I am thinking… you know, my salary is not so big i can afford a new writter at anytime :). So maybe after I got my payment so I should instantly buy new recorder in case of problems… and in that case I would be looking fo 32125W :slight_smile: because of PCAV :slight_smile: I have all prepared, only thing is to do it ;).
BTW, after reflashing back to XS0U, did you try burning some cds already? :slight_smile: And tested :slight_smile:

Yes Fangorn,

just for you…I burnt a 80minute audio cd and it works great. No probs.

I was confident the drive was fine but I wanted concrete evidence to give you…so there you have it. :slight_smile:

Thanx :slight_smile: So maybe this weekend if i will have some free time for testing :slight_smile:

If you are thinking about converting it to a LTR-32125W forget it.

I’ve already tested that. Result: Green light on drive always on and drive not detected by bios.

That was my experience at least, my drive was manufactured in Taiwan, January 2002.

OC, no, I have read your results… I meant that I will buy NEW drive if my current goes to hell during testing… Because with 32125W I have assurance that it IS P-CAV burner :slight_smile: And when I thought, maybe 40125W could be the right way, too :slight_smile:

I recon the 32125W can be upgraded to a 40125W. As soon as my 32125W comes, and Lite-On release a firmware on their site for the 40125W; out comes hex editor and MTKFlash :slight_smile:

Any Lite-On with the same chipset can be upgraded.

LTR-16102B to LTR-24102B is NOT possible!!!

I changed my 32123S to an 40215S.

First I used mtkflash for updating to ZS0A and then flashed to ZS0G. After rebooting the drive showed up as 40125S in device manager and was recognized by nero too. But after writing a disc at 40x the disc showed up as empty although nero stated everything went fine.

Did i do something wrong or is this simply impossible?