SUCCESS! how to make a perfect backup of Cultures 2 with the LiteOn

Greetings Everyone,

I have some wonderful news.

Reffering to my

previous post

I have managed to make a PERFECT copy of what was a SECUROM v3 (NEW SECUROM) game called Cultures 2. This can be confirmed by looking at the ORIGINAL games inner hub and look for the words.


After several attempts with CloneCD and many many hours spent, i took up on some advice from a good man by the name of
KinDav :bigsmile: and tried using CD MATE v2.2.5.30

The settings i used was SECUROM 1/2 profile
READ and WRITE both at 4x

THATS IT! i first tried it with a CDRW then a normal CD-R and it works flawless.

NOTE: Due to the protection scheme you will have to install and play the game from a CD-ROM drive not a BURNER otherwise the game will not work.

I read about this in a previous post, but it has something to do with the mechanics of a cdwriter as opposed to a CDROM, something to do with ATIP if i remember correctly.

Anyway ppl,

I have yet to try other protected SECUROM v3 products to make this a certainty, but everything is so far so good.

HMMM makes me think does this mean CD MATE is an underestimated piece of software. :bow:



Originally posted by As7r080y

HMMM makes me think does this mean CD MATE is an underestimated piece of software. :bow:

No, it’s got code ripped from CloneCD

And it doesn’t work for me with securerom 3 protected cds though clonecd does.

I should of put more information in my post sorry.

I am using the LiteOn (40125s) ZF0S firmware.

Not sure if this will have anything to do with my success.

In my experience i have tried every possible way to trying to make a working copy of Cultures 2 with cloneCD (v4.0.1.10) and was unsuccessful at my attempts regarless using the clony generated profile or advice from other posts.

KinDav was kind enuff to give this bit of information that actually helped me and i am gratefull for that, otherwise i would still be left in the dark right now.

Until someone can give me instructions on how to backup SECUROM v3 with CLONECD that is going to work, then im gonna have to go with what i already know works for me.

Thanks FUTUREPROOF for sharing that bit of information, its something i have learnt.