Success Burning Iso With Dvd Fab Gold



I was able to burn a few movies with DVD FAB GOLD,by taking the vts movie files that DVD FAB EXPRESS rip,and ues DVD FAB GOLD to convert them to ISO image on the hard drive,and burnt them to a few blank D-R discs.Thats not bad at least i am getting my monies worth,since i cant burn the vts files anymore with fab express,and fab gold.
It is a bit longer process,to read the vts files in the temp folder,then create an ISO image on the harddrive,and then burn it to a blank disc,as long as the end results is good i am happy,and so far i am,the software is able to rip it and also burn it,that is why it is better to buy the dvd platinum,more robust software than just the DVD FAB EXPRESS.
All credit goes to mangoe for his robust testing,it is a good thing that discs is cheap,because i have ruined alot with my persistent testing.


Interesting, did you see my post Here


I use DVDFab Express and have had no problems, earlier versions worked very well also.


What is the point in converting to ISO before burning? I may be too slow in thinking, can you explain?


I’m wondering the same?..maybe using Img, dvdd, etc., for a burn app ?, but why? Then again…maybe I’m too slow as well… :stuck_out_tongue:


Because I was able to burn the vts files before i updated to,not any more after i updated,so i use dvd fab gold(it is a part of the dvd fab platinum software package)to convert the vts files to iso image,and use dvd fab gold to burn the image,just like the old dvd shrink and dvd decrypter with the iso image.


Now I kind of understand. I saw from your other posts that you encountered problems during burning with Fab. But, once you have succeeded in copying the DVD contents into a DVD folder on HD, you can use any burn application to burn this folder to DVD-R. Also, if you can get Gold to convert to ISO and burn it to DVD-R I am pretty sure Gold should be able to burn the DVD folder directly.

Thinking of the increasing number of complaints regarding burning and being quite sure that the burning engine in itself must be O.K. I start to have the feeling that the problem lies in the “one click” copying i.e. cooperation between the ripping and the burning process .



Please read my post #22 in this thread:

Since then I added a DVD-ROM, so I just put DVD in it:

Source D:Movie disc
Target F: Burner

Then go about my business and burner tray opens when it is finished.

Why don’t you just choose create an ISO in an Image Folder using Gold?
Also when you allow Fab to create the folder it will appear as****\DVD with two sub folders Audio_TS and Video_TS. Audio_TS is empty but some players/burners do not read the folder as a movie folder unless both sub folders are in the folder you choose to burn. I use to create a folder [name_of_movie] and express would create [name_of_movie][DVD]. If I chose [name_of_movie] as source when burning from HD, I would get message that this was an invalid movie folder and would not burn until I chose [name_of_movie][DVD]. I have had no problems but usually just burn main movie using Express or Gold.



Thanks Mangoe. Sorry for my late answer but I was too busy with my work. I will try it the way you told me. Thanks again.


Fab express seem to be working fine now,maybe after the last update the burning engine was seize up,so after i burn a few disc with dvd fab gold with the iso image,and went back to Fab express,it is working fine now,so the problem is not hardware it was software,which is the problem 99% of the time.