Success backing up ut2003

ok guys I’ve heard that there could be a problem with some drives burning the image even after using bwa builder and twinpeaks.
Well just to let you know I have had success burning with an

LG 8240b

if anyone knows of other burners that work well then let me know

ok I didn’t tell how to get a perfect copy

I used my liteon dvd to create my image in clonecd with subchannels
then used bwa builder to read at 6x number set to 50000

then use twinpeaks to load the image and bwa file to create the new image which you then burn at 8x using clonecd

:bigsmile: There’s hope then ! ! ! What versions of the software used did you use??? Also are you in the UK? I ask because there seems to more success with the UK Spec of the game…:bigsmile:

The write speed doesn’t matter at all.

I’m in australia
clonecd Version
blindwrite suite 4 that has bwa builder

there is a link somewhere in forums too for the twinpeaks program, just at moment can’t remember where

yep write speed doesn’t really matter, I just prefer the slower speed because I’ve made a few coasters before :bigsmile:

it doesnt matter what writer you use ( as long as it can do raw)
the important thing is the drive you use to play the game.