Success at last!

I think we’ve been chasing our own tails!!
I’ve been using the twin peaks and BWA method to get over Securerom with limited success.
I have successfully backed up Black Hawk Down using BlindWrite Suite Version 4.3.03. No need for twinpeaks. I did a blindread at 4x and created a BWA using the builder at 1x, saved it in the same folder and the same name as the read file then used blindwrite at 4x.
I can now even use my Pioneer DVD to read the backup where I couldn’t using the twinpeaks method, no emulation or hide cdr media needed.

I think we’ve been chasing our own tails!!

Speak for yourself.

Also I think you will find that if you are using v4.3.03 then it is using emulation.

  1. why does this belong in the alcohol forum? think it belongs in the blindread forum

  2. blindread does the same as twinpeaks, so actually you did use twinpeaks only its called different

  3. i agree with celtic_druid, speak for your self and hide cdr media is only needed when you want to play the cd form a drive wich can read the ATIP information, nothing special here.