Success and Coasters on the NEC 2500

Hi all,

I was just wondering what media you guys have had success with and not had success with, on the NEC 2500.

Success : :iagree:
Datawrite Yellow 4x Princo
FWS 4x Ritek G04
Ridisc 4x Ritek G04

Coasters: :a
Frosted top unbranded 4X Ritek G04
Ritek orange Overprints 4x G04


Taiyo Yuden +r and -r
Mitsubishi Chemical MCC02
Ricoh JPNR01

None :bigsmile:

I’ve had success with all media I’ve tried so far with my 2500A.
Check the link in my sig for the “2500 vs 411” thread to view all the media I’ve tried…

success with memorex 4x dvd-r and matrix 4x dvd-r


MCC002 (4x +R, sold as Verbatim Digital Movie)
RICOHJPNR01 (4x +R, sold as Sony)
RICOHJPNR00 (2.4x +R, sold as Verbatim DataLifePlus)
MXLRG02 (4x -R, sold as Maxell [made in japan])


TDKG02 (2x -R, sold as TDK -R 2x)

i’ve heard that these tdk media are really princo or opto or some other cheapass crap media with fake TDK media codes… thus explaining the absolute crap performance of 'em. great burns on everything else, and the RICOHJPNR01 burns 6X…


RICOHJPNR01…here sold as everthing…:iagree:
There in TDK,Imation,Arita, would love to find some taiyo’s but heard only sold as 10 pack fuji’s with cases, not my kinda deal. i’d rather see uncased 100/50 pack spools’s for $50
Maybe Maxell’s can burn at 8x…if it isnt onsale i’m not buying it!! paying over a buck a disk is absurd:a

Best deal to date was officemax 100 pack Arita/Imation for $40…please bring that back…my stack’s looking low!!!

Maxells will NOT burn at 8x on the 2500A

someone oughtta post their results at 8x with different media…only discs i’ve been able to burn are the Fuji’s at 8x.

people HAVE posted 8X results:

you NEED Taiyo Yuden or Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

TY -R’s can be had as “Fujifilm DVD-R 4x 10pack with Jewel Cases, MADE IN JAPAN”

MCC are Verbatim DataLifePlus, Made in Singapore…

I’ve also seen Verbatim DataLifePlus 50 packs that were Made in Taiwan, my guess is that those would prolly be RICOHJPNR01… which will burn at 6X in the 2500… this RICOH media is found all over the place, and it’s good stuff for the 2500… not 8x, but excellent burn quality…



Datasafe Ritek G04 (datasafe)
Orange Bulkpaq

CMC MAG AF1 - Success

Ritek G04

After four days of having this drive…

Success with NewEgg/Ritek GO4/L19 with Purplish dye.

There’s also some Made in India MCC01RG20 discs (branded Verbatim DatalifePlus 4x DVD-R) that are writeable in the ND-2500A at 8x.

A pack of ten (inkjet printable, in jewel cases) is Reorder 43236 - the box is also marked I am, of course, in Europe.