Succesfull +r dl burn with nec2510A fw 2.06

just made my first dl burn with Philips DVD+R DL (mkm001).

  1. Decrypt in file mode
    2.Edit in DVDremake remove fbi warnings etc.
    3.Burn with writing tool from TDA 1.6

Burn was good played in all my settop players and dvdrom’s.
Booktype was DVD-rom in dvdinfo.
So no bitsetting with fw 2.06.

Didn’t know it was so easy.
Just to let you know.

p.s. media was 18 euro

nec2500a@2510 or real 2510 ?
18 € that really expensive, I prefer reencode the movie then burn it on single layer dvd-r

just made my first dl burn with Philips DVD+R DL (mkm001).

Booktype was DVD-rom in dvdinfo…

I take it that was the default setting for DL+R media that the firmware sets automaticaly right?


yes it’s a real Nec 2510A really cheap at the moment .
Change to fw 2.06
18 euro for testing once I also prefer sl +R.


Yes I mean it was the default setting of fw 2.06

Very nice. I got the Vertabim Double Layer Solution Kit for 29 US today and burned an 8.3 gig ISO made with DVD Decryptor. I used the hacked 2.06 fw. Book Type was DVD-ROM and I used Sonic Record Now to burn it. It took 45 minutes and it played on my LiteOn, Toshiba, Benq, Creative(Holy Snikes!) dvd-rom drives as well as my Sony stand alone player and my Sony Playstation 2. So as far as I’m concerned, that’s a success. :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry, forgot to mention, real Nec 2510a here. Just got it a few days ago.


Q. what was hacked of fw 2.06 riplock?

It took me 44min 24 sec to burn 7,4 gig

2.06 fw by TDB has riplock removed and region free. I only use that for DL media. I use Herrie’s 1.07 fw for SL because it can do bit setting. I’m very pleased with this drive and the fw. The fact that it’s so compatible with all my DVD drives is truly amazing.

Hi SamuriHl,
Did you used Herrie’s fw for dl?
I am wondering if it also work.
Did also a scan but don’t know how to paste in here.
First layer PI was To high PIF also but second layer was good.

I haven’t done a scan of mine yet. Will do it soon. I used TDB’s 2.06 hacked firmware for the DL disc. I’ve only burned one as that’s all I have. I’m told the 1.07 Herrie firmware works just fine for DL, too, but, I wasn’t sure about bit setting on DL discs with that firmware so I opted for the hacked 2.06.