Succesful Burn - DVD-ROM won't recognize disc

Hello All,

Thanks for your previous help. I have moved my DVR 109 internally and it’s working well. I have one final question to sort out.

I use my DVD-ROM to read, then I burn with my DVR 109 using Nero Express and Shrink (creating ISO.) I managed to succesfully burn at 6X and the DVD plays in my standalone player. However, my DVD-ROM software (Dell Media experience) does not recognize the burnt DVD-R.

I am using Smartbuy 1-8X. Is this likely a media issue, or is there something I need to do for my DVD-ROM / software to recognize the burn

Thanks very much,



Don’t know what “Smartbuy 1-8x” media is-

Give us the mid code - then maybe we can help-


We all know that Smartbuy (aka CHEAP) media is junk… Low price = crappy media.

your dvd-rom drive may simply be unable to read dvd-r. try using Nero InfoTool, which will tell you what types of media your optical drives can read/write.

Hi AZImmortal,

I used Info Tool. My DVD-ROM reads DVD-R, so I suspect it’s a media issue. However, the burnt disc did play on two standalones in my house. I will try a slower speed and better media in the future.



I wouldn’t worry about slowing down the burn, just get rid of the crap media.