Subwoofer from the USA, voltage transforming and the Hz

I bought a subwoofer from the USA (by Klipsch) which is impossible to get in Germany.
It has the American power connection (120V, 60Hz) and I plan to buy a transformer so it will then have 120V and 50Hz because the german electricity uses 50Hz. A transformer making 60Hz out of the 50Hz would be impossible to pay for me.
Will I notice any difference / will it work?
Thanks for help!

soopersonic Quote: “Will I notice any difference / will it work?” Answer: I have no idea.

This is really a hard one. If you were going to use a 50 Hz transformer on a 60 Hz system I would say that it would probably work. However, you are going the other way. To operate at a lower frequency, 50 Hz rather than 60 Hz, the transformer must be larger for the same power rating. Additionally, the filter capacitors and inductors in a 50 Hz power supply must be larger have the same performance. If the power supply is of marginal design, one that just meets the specifications, then you may have problems. However you may have a power supply already certified for 50 Hz, so that all you would need is a 240V/220V to 120V step-down transformer; I am assuming that the power in Germany is 240 volts, 50 hertz.

Why don’t you look on klipsch’s website to see if the particular subwoofer that you purchased is certified for 50 Hz? I looked at one at random and found that it was.

well I have the subwoofer of the Klipsch GMX A-2.1 system and can’t find information about it. But the bad thing is: I need to test it anyway as I don’t have many options left…

about the transformer I’m planning to order:

in the ebay description it says:

“50-60Hz” It’s 500W (sub says 250MAX on the back so doubled should be a really sufficient wattage)

here I am again.
The transformer came today and after a great shock (only humming out of the sub and the boxes) and a little touch of the Line-Out / In Cable (:smiley: ) everything works like it should.
The Klipsch sound great, the bass is boomy and powerfull and very straight. the satellites sound good as well and fit the subwoofer perfectly.

Hope that will help somebody, sometime :slight_smile: