Hey, I am in a rush so i’ll type this quick…I am using DVD Shrink to copy DVD’s to my hardrive and nero to burn it tro a disc. How do I get DVD Shrink to copy the DVD Onto my hardrive WITH subtitles so when i burn the DVD to a DVD-R There will be subtitles on it?
In other words I just want to copy a DVD WITH the subtitles there…How?
Thanks :bow:


i was puzzled at first when i read your post, since dvd shrink will encode automatically with subtiitles included, unless you remove them. then i checked the program, and they call it “sub picture” for the subtitles! been using it so long i never even noticed it long as the sub picture is checked it will encode with subtitles.


OK…You see I always used re-author to backup my DVD’s and i am pretty sure that I selected sub picture…But I will try again later on today!


:frowning: It didnt work…As soon as I put the disc in DVD Shrinkl analyzed it and then i didnt even have to re-author it because their was lots of room…The bar at the top was green…I made sure the sub picture was selcted…In fact eveything was selected! Please help, I know there is a way to backup DVD’s with the subtitles…






Oh well :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I guess nobody knows


sorry, have’nt been around so i will try to help again. i have backed up every dvd i have with subtitles, and every single one has worked. in my original post you can see i selected english in the subtitle check box, and you can see that the size is 5mb. in the movie you are doing does it show 0mb? shrink will sometimes show the subtitle option, but if the dvd does not have subtitles, you will see 0 mb.if not the subtitles HAVE to be there! is it not working on your computer?dvd player?


I think what he is referring to is the built-in subtitles. Not the ones that you can turn on and off. Anyways, I have the same problem. If I leave them all in then I still sometimes end up with discs that don’t have them. I have been trying to figure this one out for a couple of months now and have had no luck.


maybe use a different program?


The sub picture has english at the top and that is 5MB. The rest are “Unknown” and are 0MB Anyways. I know that the original has got subtitles as i watched it…They are not built in subtitles as you can turn them on or of…I don’t really want tyo use another software because in my opinion DVD SHrink rules…But if i have to i will…As i really have to have my DVD’s backed up with subtitles…


Anybody can HelP?




Are you talking about the forced subtitles? IE: In an English language movie, someone speaks in a foreign language and subtitles pop up? Like in the movie Kill Bill.

These will often be a second level of english sub pictures and they will be very small, so you want to have all the english sub pictures selected.

During playback you may need to select the 2nd english subtitle selection to see them as they may no longer be forced due to the copy.


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Good luck finding additional help with that attitude. As mentioned above, as long as the boxes are checked, you should be able to turn the subtitles on and off just like you would on a regular factory pressed DVD. The only subtitles I have ever had an issue with are forced subtitles and I am still scratching my head on that one. On some movies they turn out perfect and on others I have to manually turn on the subtitles that run throughout the entire movie in order to get them to work. Bottom line is that I would make sure you leave all of the subpicture options checked just to be safe. :wink: