I recently backed up a movie where people speak russian as well as english in the film (sum of all fears), unfortunately when they spoke russian i did not get the english translation on the screen why? did i need to select the english subtitle options before converting? only other films like U 571 have been fine when they speak german even without the subtitle option selected.

Someone please help


Pete :smiley:

I had the same problem with Sum of all fears. In Spy Game is the same problem, at the beginning is a little bit text in the screen (in englisch). In the original DVD is there a subtitle translation, in the backup not.

thanks for that but is it possible to get a perfect copy with the translation or subtitles? or does it depend on the film?


i posted the same thing 2 weeks ago and i was told was to do a complete1:1 copy, havent tried yet but that shd give u the subs


Thanks for that but what do you mean by 1:1 copy do you mean select all the audio and sub tracks in dvd2one before you compress it but I was under the impression that a 1:1 copy would then take the film over 2 disks


Hi guys:

Especially for ‘The sum of all fears’ (Der Anschlag) this is not really hard to do. In DVD2One when you choose the subtitles that you want, just scroll down a little bit. Then you will see, that there are more than one suitable subtitle-tracks for e.g. English or German.
If you’re not sure which ones to choose, just play the ripped files with a software DVD-player and switch throuhg the available subtitles. There are subtitles that ONLY show up when these guys speak russian. When you’ve done your homemade DVD just turn on THIS Subtitle and you get your desired translation when you don’t understand what the hell they are talking about :bigsmile:

This also worked for me with the German version of ‘Blues Brothers’ where it was the same problem, due to the fact that there where some new scenes which haven’t been translated. Since my girlfriend doesn’t like English movies very much she loved the German subs when there was an untranslated scene.

I hope this helps :wink:



Thanks for that, basically what we are saying is always select english subs for every film backup incase there is some langauge subs in the film somewhere, am I right in saying this? and will it take up much space on the blank disc?

Thanks again



Does this happen in most films? as U571 worked without selecting subs at the backup stage and the german translation was on the film at the begining :confused:


sorry but I don’t know any way that you can tell DVD2One to switch on a special subtitle when starting the disk.
But I’m pretty sure there HAT to be a way to do so using IfoEdit or some of these tools. Maybe someone can help with that :confused:

For U-571 I guess that there are fixed subtitles in the movie which can not be switched of. Am I right?
As far as I know subs do not require much space on the dvd. But I can’t tell you how much it is…