I’ve been useing software to convert my dvd’s for backup that don’t have english subtitles because I’m hard of hearing. Some srt. subtitles work with DivX to DVD and some don’t. Some are not sync’d right. I have noticed that some subtitles are at a different speed. Is this my problem? I’m new to this and any help would be great and thanks!

I hate working with subtitles and avoid it like the plague. You may want to inquire over at and see if there are a few masochistic individuals who’ve manged to master this process.

They have quite a few different subtitle tools to choose from, virtually all are free. Its sort of like offering free bludgeons to hit yourself in the head with.

In the meantime, I’m going to move your thread to our Video Editing forum, and bump it up at the same time.

I dopubt that subtitles can have a “wrong speed”, but the video source you are using can be ie. PAL or NTSC with different “speeds”.

Thanks Chef, I’m getting there.

Did you open up some subs and read the headerinfo?

Yes I have! Thanks